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Payroll Made Easy With Clock In And Out Software

Time management clock in and out software is critical to the recording of the employee hours spent. Payroll is one of the highest factors in any business budget and the use of clock in and out software makes the handling of payroll manageable. Some clock in and out software systems require proprietary devices and operations that take time and training to figure out. With MinuteHound, you can take those operations and simplify them.

Biometric Fingerprint Technology
Using standard punch and time cards add costly resources and can also be faked. Employees are able clock in and out for each other. This misrepresents the amount of labor and time spent working. This is eliminated by using biometric fingerprint technology. Each employee’s fingerprint is broken down and kept as a binary number, making it 100% safe and secure to use. It also means lightning fast recognition time, no other passwords or numbers for employees to remember. The fingerprint scanner is connected to any existing computer. No additional software or equipment is required.

Cloud Based Reporting
Other clock in and out software require a dedicated server and proprietary equipment. MinuteHound uses cloud based technology. Accessing the interface is as simple as logging any computer and having an internet connection. Once an employee presses their finger to the scanner, it will immediately time stamp when the employee clocks in or out and provides real time reporting. The information is then transferred using our 128-bit encryption technology. This information is kept safe and secure. No learning curve or specialized training is needed. You simply log in and scan your fingerprint.

Real Time Information Gathering
Cloud Computing For BusinessThe cloud based clock in and out software can be accessed from any computer anywhere. This allows authorized personnel to monitor and generate applicable reports in real time. This provides an exact count of the amount of hours worked. This is valuable in automating payroll support. Using the web based clock in and out software, payroll reporting can be done with up-to-the-minute precision. These reports include the total personnel that are clocked in, those that are clocked out, and those on break schedules. The clock in and out software system can also send emails or text messages to the appropriate people when an employee clocks in or out late or has not clocked in at all.

Full Customer Support
Although MinuteHound is simple and easy to use, personnel are standing around the clock to address any questions, concerns or issues that you may have with the software or how it operates. The technology is subscription based and satisfaction is guaranteed with no risk or term obligations.

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