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The Most Useful Types of Biometrics

Biometrics are becoming popular means of promoting safety in the office and beyond. There are a few types of biometrics that are most common because of their high accuracy and ease of use. Here are some of the most useful types of biometrics available today.

Biometric Fingerprinting Technology
One of the most widespread types of biometrics is fingerprinting technology. With biometric fingerprint, employers can keep track of the people they are working with better. Fingerprints are unique to each individual, so they are a way to verify employees’ identity. Having accurate fingerprints lets you get the most accurate check on an individual. For this reason, many employers who require high security are requiring fingerprints in order to verify an potential employee’s attendance. MinuteHound is the industry leader for biometric time and attendance.

Retina Recognition Technologies
Retina recognition is a tool to keep the office space safe. With retina recognition, an individual must look into a scanner which then compares the retina image to a database of trusted individuals. Much like the fingerprinting technology, retinal scanning works because the patterns in the eyes are very specific to each individual. Retina technologies are used, for example, to bar entry into a building or to gain access to secure information. This can be one of the more expensive types of biometrics, but it is also one of the most useful and secure.

Voice Recognition Technology
The quality of each individual’s voice is unique. With many different sound frequencies that make up an individual voice, voice recognition is another good way to identify and individual. A person’s voice can be stored in a database and recalled at a later time for comparison. In this way, voice recognition tools are great for identifying trusted individuals. Voice recognition technology is especially useful as an extra layer of security for systems of information.

DNA Matching
Secure Employee Tracking SoftwareDNA matching is another one of the most common types of biometrics, often used in criminal identification. Strands of DNA collected from an unknown individual’s tissue samples, such as hair or skin cells, can be identified in a lab and matched to a live candidate. This technology is extremely useful for matching suspects to a crime. It can also be used to identify the individuals behind home or office theft.

Many more types of biometrics can help prevent security issues and identify a person. These are used in government settings, for employee use, and even for personal security measures. Although many forms of security are effective at removing unwanted individuals, these types of biometrics are the most helpful in securing a person’s identity. With all the different types of biometrics available, many choices exist, but the least intrusive and most cost effective option is fingerprinting. Not only is is 100% safe for users, but it is the most widely used biometric technology.

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