Business Resources: Biometric Time Clock Machine Has Many Advantages

What Is A Time Clock Machine And How Does It Work?

If you own or manage a business, then a time clock machine is the tool you need for your internal operations. It does not matter which type of business you run, or the size, for it doesn’t matter. A time clock machine is the modern answer and full solution to keep track of the time and attendance of your entire workforce. Not only keep track, but also help with managing your business by reducing costs, and saving more. Not only money, but save more time. MinuteHound uses unique biometric technology to rid your reports of errors and mistakes. Your employees no longer sign-in and out of work with pen, paper, pins, or passwords. Fingerprints cannot be shared among friends. By using a biometric time clock machine, your going to get 100% accountability of your staff.

A time clock machine that uses fingerprints ensures accuracy. When your reports are accurate, you save money. No more over or under paying your staff again. Also, MinuteHound is unique in how fingerprints are stored. When you search around and find other fingerprint machines, keep in mind almost all of them store a fingerprint and keep the images on file. This is not the case with MinuteHound. Images are never stored nor kept on file. Instead, MinuteHound breaks down a fingerprint into a set of numbers. The time clock machine then spreads this number to offsite remote servers. Therefore, your safety and the safety of your employees information is never at risk. Privacy is maintained for all users.

The Time Clock Machine That Acts As A Manager!

Now that you know what a time clock machine is, let’s talk about what it does. MinuteHound’s time clock machine is so advanced, it acts as your personal HR assistant 24/7! How? For starters, if your staff ever show up late or try to leave early, you will receive a text and an e-mail message saying so. In real time, you will know if your employees are not following their assigned schedule. No more having to chase down employees, as MinuteHound does the “hounding” for you!

Secure Fingerprinting With A Biometric Time Clock MachineThe time clock machine also uses 128-bit encryption for all your information. This means that when your employees place their finger on the scanner, it’s recorded in real time. Managers are able, from any internet connection in the world, to log-in and view/edit/modify information. So if your at a restaurant and receive an alert that someone did not show up, you can simply log-in from your mobile device and view who is available, who is on the clock, start/end times, and much more. Make your life easier with a time clock machine from MinuteHound. Not only do you get the actual fingerprint machine, but all the features and benefits of MinuteHound as well.

The Time Clock Machine That Is All Reward, No Risk!

MinuteHound is completely risk free. The time clock machine that you order is backed by a lifetime money back guarantee. So if you ever, at any point decide it’s not for you; simply return the scanner for a refund. MinuteHound works on a pay as you go subscription, which means no long term commitments or obligations. You can cancel at anytime, for any reason. The time clock machine, or scanner, is a one time fee of $99.95. Then, you simply pay for your workforce. If you have 20 employees you pay $19.95 a month and a $5.00 location fee. MinuteHound is broken down into $1.00 per employee, and $5.00 per location. So whether your a small or large business, this technology works for you. Try out a biometric time clock machine today risk free!

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MinuteHound Time Clock Machine: Use Biometrics And Get A Huge Advantage!

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