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Employee Punch Clock Stops Cheating and Fraud Permanently

Employees are one of the biggest expenses for most businesses. Since they are paid by the hour, it’s very easy for an employee to abuse the system to get paid more money by clocking out late with the employee punch clock, or maybe even having a buddy clock them in if they’re late to work. MinuteHound’s system is designed to eliminate these methods of cheating the employee punch clock through it’s advanced software.


The best method of signing in to work is by using a fingerprint system on your employee punch clock. This eliminates the need for an employee to waste time logging into a system, and it’s even faster than using a pay card. Also, since your employee is the only one that has access to their fingerprint, nobody else can sign in for them. If they are late to work, their friend won’t be able to sign them in like they could with any other system, and you’ll know about it.

Automated Email System

If an employee is late for their shift or decides to leave early, the employee punch clock will send you an automated message. The message will tell you which employee triggered the alert, what time they signed on or off, and the branch they are assigned too. This will help management not only have instant updates of their staffing levels, but also for appropriate logs and records.

Eliminate Errors With Your Employee Punch Clock

MinuteHounds Employee Punch ClockThere is potential for error with just about every system that businesses use today. For instance, time cards can become damaged and may give the system wrong information, or may not allow the employee to sign in at all. There are all sorts of problems that can occur. With the MinuteHound employee punch clock, you don’t need to worry about these problems. You can eliminate unintended overtime, stop system errors, and much more!


As a business owner or manager, you spend a lot of your time calculating and looking back over the hours that your employees worked. This takes away from your ability to handle other aspects of the business. You can save time with the MinuteHound employee punch clock due to the reports that it creates. It will show you who is on the clock at what times, the total amount of worked hours of each employee, and so much more. This makes it much easier and stress free to conduct payroll. There is no more over or under paying employees.


MinuteHound is the best payroll system available today. The best part is that it only costs your business pennies a day, and yet it has potential to save you so much more! Get started with this employee punch clock today!

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