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MinuteHound Exceeds Employee Time Clock Expectations

What would employee time clock reviews look like if they were written by the employees that have to use them? As it turns out, employees have a lot of different difficulties clocking in and out. Paper time sheets are easily misplaced or destroyed. Company ID badges can be forgotten at home in the mad dash to get to work on time. Remembering a code can be taxing when an employee has so many other things on their mind.

There are a few words that would come up time and time again if employees wrote employee time clock reviews: simple. Clocking in and out shouldn’t be a huge part of an employee’s day. Also, the fewer things an employee has to remember (time sheets, badges, ID numbers, etc) the better. If you don’t have to remember it, you won’t forget it.

The second word you would see in employee time clock reviews is “accurate.” Employees want to get paid for all of the hours they work. They also want their sick days, vacation days, holidays, etc correctly accounted for.
The third word you would see in employee time clock reviews is “safe.” Employees want to know that all of the personal information they give to their employer isn’t ending up in someone else’s hands.

MinuteHound is Employee Friendly
If employees wrote employee time clock reviews they recommend MinuteHound. Nothing could be simpler than MinuteHound’s patented USB fingerprint scanner. An employee can clock in or out with just the swipe of a finger. There is nothing to remember! Just a few seconds of interaction with the device each day. MinuteHound is accurate too. Each clock in or out is recorded immediately to a remote secure server.

Biometric Fingerprint Time AttendanceAccurate times will be recorded even if there is a disruption of power at the business. Detailed reports keep track of (and calculate) all hours worked as well as any paid time off. Employees will also find that their information is safe and their privacy is protected with MinuteHound. MinuteHound does not store fingerprints. Rather it converts the fingerprints into unique strings of numbers that can not be reverse engineered. Safeguards are in place that will not allow someone using a photocopy or plastic cast of a fingerprint to clock in or out either.

Employers and Employees Agree
It’s easy to see why employees would rate MinuteHound so high in employee time clock reviews. They’re not alone. Thousands of employers already give MinuteHound glowing employee time clock reviews. Employers save time and money. Why not have a time and attendance system that everyone loves? Try MinuteHound with your business.

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