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How a Finger Attendance System Eliminates Time Theft

Businesses around the world have been saving money using MinuteHound. According to the American Payroll Association: MinuteHound—a finger attendance system—has been helping to save businesses between two to eight percent in payroll expenses. This finger attendance system allows business owners to vacation anywhere in the world and log in to check on employees with attendance reports. For your employees, it will be as if you never left!

Other Things a Finger Attendance System Accomplishes
The benefit of using a finger attendance system such as MinuteHound is that it eliminates some of the problems that arise in the work place. Buddy punching costs employers thousands of dollars every year, but with this system, it no longer occurs. If an issue arises, you have a tool to deal with tardiness and payroll abuse.

Customized Real-time Red Flag System
When problems arise, MinuteHound can help you nip the issue by alerting you before the problem becomes serious. With regular attendance reports, you can see who showed up to work and who did not. The best part is that you can receive these reports from anywhere in the world; all you need is access to a computer.

Sent to a Safe and Secure Location
Easy To Use Software & Live SupportMinuteHound uses a finger attendance system that ensures people can only clock in for themselves—since no person has the same fingerprint, it eliminates employee time theft. MinuteHound has patented the cloud-based biometric system. When an employee clocks in, the information gets sent directly to a safe and secure online location for later analysis. You can view employee attendance 24/7.

How Much Can a Finger Attendance System Save You?
On average, you can save as much as five percent on your payroll. The advantage of this system is it takes just minutes to set up, and it does not require training to use. The system has been made simple to ensure that business owners save both time and money. If employees are late for work, a text message or email will automatically be sent to the employer. These notifications can also be sent to the employee.

Innovative Technology That Saves Money
MinuteHound helps you to manage your business more effectively. It can be made to notify a manager when there are too few or too many people clocked in. One of the greatest advantages of the MinuteHound finger attendance system technology is that it comes with a risk-free guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with MinuteHound, even your return shipping will be paid. Dishonest employees can cost a company thousands of dollars over time. The advantage of MinuteHound is that it keeps everyone honest. Tardiness and time-clock manipulation have become a thing of the past, and with a finger attendance system, now you can operate your business with greater ease and efficiency.

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