Track Time and Attendance Through Biometric Reporting

Payroll Savings And Other Benefits of MinuteHound: Track Time and Attendance in the Cloud

Payroll tracking becomes easier with MinuteHound’s biometric technology through savings on payroll and storage of attendance information in the cloud. MinuteHound offers a truly unique solution to track time and attendance for employees. Their biometric system uses fingerprint technology to allow employees to clock in and out. This system has many advantages, but the most discussed benefits of this system are the savings on payroll, cloud-based information storage, and real-time tracking.

Track Time and Attendance with Biometric Technology

There are a number of companies in the country and the world that still use the rather old-fashioned method of using human resources representatives to track time and attendance. This is expensive for any company as it increases the working hours of employees in the human resources and payroll departments. According to the American Payroll Association, companies average a savings of between 2% and 8% on their payroll expenses by using MinuteHound’s attendance tracker. This is mostly due to the fact that it cuts out any possibility of employee time theft or payroll abuse.

Cloud-Based Information Storage
MinuteHound has a patent on biometric fingerprint attendance tracking to cloud storage. That means they are the only company that stores all information 100% on the cloud. Business owners find this option quite attractive as it allows managers and supervisors to track time and attendance from any computer anywhere in the world. Security checks are put in place to encrypt information and require specific management log-ins.

Track Time and Attendance in Real Time
Secure Biometric Cloud ComputingWhen supervisors use the cloud to track time and attendance, all information is shown in real time. That means all information is updated to the minute. If a supervisor is not on site, they are able to go online and make sure all employees are accounted for. Alternatively, MinuteHound’s software can also send text messages and emails to notify a supervisor when employees are late or when there are not enough employees clocked in. These are all provided in real time as it is happening. In this way, supervisors are given the chance to follow up with employees that are late, working unapproved overtime, or abusing payroll in any way. MinuteHound’s biometric technology truly removes the guess work from mysterious payroll activity.

Companies that choose to employ MinuteHound’s biometric technology to track time and attendance are sure to see a number of benefits. Payroll becomes easier to track and costs less, supervisors are able to track time and attendance in real time, and all of the information is conveniently stored on a cloud. With all of these advantages, it is hard to see why so many companies still use traditional payroll tracking. MinuteHound’s money-back guarantee shows their confidence in their product.

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