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Cloud-based Fingerprint System Attendance

Fingerprint system attendance has been around for quite some time. The purpose of this system is to monitor the attendance of employees and calculate the daily working hours. Biometric terminals located inside the fingerprint scanners detect the identity of the employee before clocking him/her in or out of the system. Such attendance system also offers assistance in other employee management activities, such as payroll and leave management.

Trends in Fingerprint System Attendance
Most businesses around the world have made the transition from the manual employee attendance system to an automated solution for the clear reason that a manual system is more prone to errors and problems. Besides, it can be more costly to sort ledgers and documents manually for different activities, such as preparation of payroll.

Some of the conventional methods that are very scarcely used today include attendance monitoring through punch cards and punch machines. Modern attendance systems come in a wide variety of features to meet the specific needs of organizations. For businesses with physical office space and/or remote employees, automated devices such as fingerprint system attendance are more appropriate. These devices identify an employee by means of biometrics. All an employee has to do is scan their finger or thumb in order to record their entrance and exit times.

Benefits of Cloud-based Fingerprint System Attendance
MinuteHound offers a foolproof fingerprint system attendance that does not spare activities, such as buddy punching and false calculation of work hours. With its patented cloud-technology, MinuteHound makes it possible for companies to avail the benefits of accurate reporting of the employees’ working hours. This results in instant financial gains for the company. It also helps keeps a rigorous check on employee attendance practices. Features, such as SMS-based alerts are designed to notify employees and their concerned managers about the late timings.

Financial Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Fingerprint System Attendance
Stop Time Theft with Time And Attendance SoftwareAccording to the American Payroll Association estimates, businesses can realize an increase of up to 8% of their payroll by switching from attendance systems that can be abused to MinuteHound. That’s a lot of potential saving that a company can make by virtue of cloud-based fingerprint system attendance at the workplace.

How Cloud-Based Fingerprint Attendance System Works?
A cloud-based fingerprint system attendance instantly transmits information received from biometric terminals to MinuteHound’s cloud-based servers. This prevents anyone from accessing or manipulating the attendance data, which is then accessible in the form of useful reports by the concerned managers. MinuteHound takes care of several other human resource activities of the organization, such as payroll preparation and employee leave management.

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