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MinuteHound: Fingerprint Clocking Down to the Minute

Are you looking to simply tracking employee hours in your company? MinuteHound software reduces the paperwork and labor involved with employee time tracking, all while costing only pennies a day. MinuteHood software keeps track of employee hours using fingerprint clocking, a form of biometric tracking that prevents workplace fraud. By combining fingerprint clocking and cloud-based time sheets, our software saves you time, encourages a company culture of honesty, and ensures your workers’ private data stays private.

Biometric fingerprint clocking is a new trend in time tracking due to its accuracy and security. Since workers must use their finger to clock in, the system makes “buddy clocking” almost impossible. The next step in workplace tech, fingerprint clocking works because each person has unique finger tips. This means employees can’t have coworkers clock in for them, giving you peace of mind about your workers’ actions.

Our software is cloud based, allowing supervisors and managers to access reports from anywhere in the world. Now you can track employee hours while on that cross country business trip. You needn’t worry about security. Our state of the art system uses 128 bit encryption to transfer data, which means hackers and spies can’t access your company’s private information. On top of that, MinuteHound isn’t a passive system: we offer round the clock help for our clients without risky contracts.

Our time and attendance software helps reduce time theft, promoting a workplace culture of punctuality. With email and text alerts, you’ll know fast if employees are leaving early or clocking in late. This makes it hard for workers to commit time theft. Our fingerprint clocking system prevents fraud because employees know you’re quickly alerted when they’ve clocked out incorrectly, helping to cut down on overtime hours.

MinuteHound Biometric ScannerFinally, our fingerprint clocking system is easy to install, using plug and play software that’s flexible enough for any workplace. The MinuteHound software requires virtually no training, meaning you won’t have to search manuals for hours like you might with other software. You won’t have to spend hours teaching workers how fingerprint clocking works. The system is just as intuitive for them to use as it is for you to monitor!

By keeping the data in the cloud, MinuteHound cuts out paper, helping your office to stay more organized. Paper reduction also helps your company reduce printing costs, allowing for computer-based time sheets. Finally, that filing cabinet will feel a little cleaner!

In sum, MinuteHound time and attendance software is your workplace solution for time tracking. MinuteHound enhances your ability to monitor employees, while saving your company time and money that would otherwise go into organizing time sheets. If you’re looking for a fingerprint clocking solution to time-keeping, choose MinuteHound today.

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