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In today’s increasingly global society, new opportunities are made available for entrepreneurs everyday. Therefore, as a business owner, you understand that competition is growing. It is important to enable yourself to make the most out of your money. While you likely do everything you can to increase profits on the production line, you are likely losing profits if your current clocking system is out-of-date. There is a solution that is well worth the investment- the biometric hand scanner time clock.

MinuteHound offers this innovative new way to track hours worked by employees, and there are a number of benefits that those using traditional methods miss out on. To clock in for the day, employees simply scan their unique fingerprint into the biometric hand scanner time clock, and that data is instantly logged via cloud based technology.

Time Fraud: A Widespread Problem
Every year, business owners lose hundreds and thousands and even millions of dollars on time fraud. Whether employees are lying on their written time sheet or having coworkers clock in for them when they are late, this is money you ultimately lose. The biometric hand scanner time clock does not allow for this behavior.

Using the biometric hand scanner time clock, you can also stand to save thousands on payroll expenses. No longer do you have to hire personnel to do the math and calculate payroll. When employees scan in for the day, their time is automatically tracked, saving hours of time that can be better utilized. Best of all, the information is stored in the cloud and accessible at any location with Internet capability.

Managing Employee Ratios
Secure Biometric Cloud ComputingIn every business, there are peak and valley hours of the business day. Having too many or not enough employees available at any given time can significantly impact productivity. The biometric hand scanner time clock can offer help in this arena, too. The information made available in the system is able to be viewed in real time, and you can instantly find out how many employees are clocked in at any given time. This can prove very helpful in managing your employee to work availability ratios throughout the day.

Unique Late Notice
Using the biometric hand scanner time clock, you get another unique benefit. If an employee is late, you can receive a text message alerting both you and the employee. This can help manage personnel files and better manage this common issue. Making the investment in the biometric hand scanner time clock is one that pays back in a number of ways. By making the investment now, you can watch your profits rise and increase productivity.

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