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MinuteHound Attendance Systems Eliminates Unapproved Overtime

When you have hourly employees, you likely also have an overtime pay structure. For example, it is common for employees to be required to work a certain number of hours per week, but if they exceed the maximum number of required hours, they may qualify for overtime pay. The overtime rate may vary slightly from company to company, but some employees earn a considerable hourly bonus. Because of this, some employees may strive to work overtime regularly. In many cases, employees must be approved to earn overtime compensation because it can be so costly to a company. A business owner or manager may attempt to staff the facility with other employees who have not exceed their number of hours in an attempt to reduce overhead. MinuteHound attendance systems have effective, innovative features that prevent unapproved overtime from occurring.

How Employees Use MinuteHound Attendance Systems
When MinuteHound attendance systems is installed in your facility, employees check in to the system using their fingerprint. They cannot ask a co-worker to punch in on their behalf when they are running late. They also cannot manipulate the time clock to their advantage. This creates an environment of honesty with attendance, and it ensures that all overtime compensation that is provided has been rightfully earned by the employee. However, there are other important features available with MinuteHound that enhance the benefits of using attendance systems.

How Employers Benefit From MinuteHound
Cure Time Theft With Attendance TrackingMinuteHound attendance systems is entirely cloud-based. This means that all records are stored in a real-time environment, and the data can be accessed and viewed by owners and managers from any location at any time. Through MinuteHound, you can monitor the attendance of employees who are close to exceeding their required number of hours, and you can make staffing adjustments. Text messages and other notification features can be set to provide you with accurate information about the staff’s attendance. This makes it easier and more convenient for you to manage your employees even when you are not physically on-site.

Unapproved overtime is just one of several ways that attendance and time clock usage can create loss for a company. MinuteHound is also effective for eliminating time clock manipulation, time theft and buddy punching. Furthermore, it promotes efficiency with time clock and attendance management by owners and managers. When you are comparing attendance systems to use in your organization, MinuteHound is a great option. By ordering MinuteHound today, you can benefit from a money-back guarantee. This makes it convenient for you to try out this program without risk and to compare it against attendance systems you may have already tried.

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