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Keep Track of Your Employees Easily and Efficiently With A Biomtric Hand Scanner

Whenever a company begins losing money, it invariably looks for better ways to save. Unfortunately, the workers are the ones who suffer because companies have to find a way to stay afloat and produce, and sometimes employee downsizing occurs or less hours. There is an easier way to begin saving money, and it does not cost much to get started.

Companies in the United States lose more than $140 billion annually because of timecard fraud, inadequate time keeping procedures, and honest human errors. Dishonest workers arrive late and leave early, and their friends are the ones punching the timeclock for them. Salaried managers may not even show up at all because there is no record of their comings and goings. MinuteHound stops all of that cold. Their biometric hand scanner uses fingerprints to identify each person who logs in and out, so the specter of timecard fraud instantly disappears. If friends can no longer clock in or out for other friends, labor and management alike will be held accountable by the biometric hand scanner and the complete transparency it provides.

MinuteHound’s Biometric Hand Scanner Is 100% Safe and Secure

Workers will benefit in two main ways; they will never again be shorted hours, and their morale will improve as the biometric hand attendance system forces impartial accountability onto all employees. Employees will feel they are part of a team that puts no one above the law, and they can rest easy knowing their fingerprint information is totally secure.

Neither the computer to which it is connected nor the biometric hand timeclock store swiped fingerprints; the timeclock converts them to a binary string and then splits the string into four packets that are sent to four servers in different locations. Payroll is a snap with the biometric hand timeclock system because it comes with software that easily exports clock-in and clock-out data to any one of a number of payroll programs.

MinuteHound's Biometric Hand ScannerThe biometric hand scanner is plug-and-play, so it requires almost no set up time in order to get going. Because the stored data is in the cloud, managers of different ranks can access that data from any computer with an Internet connection and monitor not only who is on the clock but also those who might have been late or left early. Full accountability also means different levels of access. MinuteHound has 5 different permission settings, so everyone from an employee to the boss the proper access to the system.

Improve Your ROI and Bottom-Line with MinuteHound’s Biometric Hand Scanner

The equipment is extremely cost-efficient, and the software is provided for the biometric hand scanner as part of the monthly fee, which is also quite reasonable for the power it provides. The best part is this: When the company begins a culture of saving money instead of wasting it and begins to increase trust and communication, increasing profits are sure to follow. Call today, and you will get started on the right path!

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