Biometric Identifier: Employee Verification. Prints Are Never Stored

What Is A Biometric Identifier? What Is Biometrics?

What do you think of when you hear the words “biometric identifier?” It’s the key to MinuteHound’s patented technology, so it’s good to know. The word “biometric” talks about body measurements. A policeman in France actually used a ruler to describe people so that they could be identified. He measured arms, legs, hat size, nose size, and believed that these numbers could describe people uniquely. MinuteHound uses fingerprints to properly verify a person’s identity. A biometric identifier is 100% safe to use, as no fingerprint images are ever stored. Privacy to all users, on every level.

The French policeman had the right idea, but he didn’t do enough research. A modern biometric identifier can use fingerprints. A computer can analyze these features of the human body in enough detail that it can come up with a unique description. This is how employers save money. By having their staff verify their attendance, time theft is over. No more cheating or fudging the numbers. A biometric identifier is your surefire way to save time and money. Payroll becomes super easy to complete. MinuteHound will do all the heavy lifting for you. Save yourself the stress and use technology to your advantage.

The Biometric Identifier Is Safe To Use

A biometric identifier doesn’t have to be a picture to match. Fingerprints are safer, and preferred over facial scanning. Your employees simply arrive to work, place their finger on the scanner, and start working. It’s that simple and easy. It’s the same process for leaving work and taking breaks. A biometric identifier is simple to use, and very effective. It takes all the guess work out of your reports. Focus on your business, and spend less with payroll.

Secure Fingerprinting With A Biometric Identifier The most popular part of the body to analyze and describe with a biometric identifier is the finger. Decades of fingerprint research have given us detailed ways to describe the fingerprint. All you have to do is boil that description down to something basic, like a few words. That’s what MinuteHound does. It takes a complex print and crunches it down to a number. This is why fingerprint images are never stored. There is nothing to worry about. Safe and private information stay that way.

Biometric Identifier Uses A Small Scanner

The number isn’t a description of the fingerprint. It’s kind of what you’d get if you took all the characteristics of the print and blended them together. You can’t turn it back into a fingerprint, but every time you scan you get the same thing. That’s a great biometric identifier. It’s unique for that person, but still protects that person’s privacy. It’s also easy to make, since a fingerprint scanner is quick, simple, and safe to use. If you ever do need help, assistance is always available. Round the clock support ensures your success.

The scanner itself is the size of a computer mouse. Not only do you save money, but that valuable office space. Using a biometric identifier is MinuteHound’s secret for success. It uniquely identifies each employee using a quick and simple process. Its patented technique for doing this puts it ahead because of privacy and speed. It’s also green. The biometric identifier is 100% paperless. Green products save you additional money. Send all your reports over the web, you don’t have to print a thing. Employees will also have access to check their own time. They can’t edit anything. They will only be able to track their own time.

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