Employee Time Card Machine: No More Pins, Passwords, Or Badges

Employee Time Card Machine Is The Solution For Your Payroll Woes

Even today, in the year 2012, many companies are still using a standard employee time card machine. It’s understandable, really, they’ve been around and in use for as long as most people can remember. Unfortunately, there are two big problems with the standard employee time card machine. The first is that they’re easy to fool. Buddy clocking, time tampering, and unauthorized overtime are always a risk with them. The second is that they cost money. It takes payroll hours of work to turn the data from the employee time card machine into usable information. Luckily, MinuteHound’s biometric employee attendance system solves both of those issues as close to immediately as possible.

The first problem is quite easily solved by the very nature of MinuteHound’s system. The issues of buddy clocking and the like disappears entirely due to the biometric pad used to clock in and out. The pad checks very carefully to see exactly who is clocking in. Compare that performance to your average employee time card machine. Quite often, you won’t notice anything odd with an employee’s hours until the time comes for payroll to sort out pay checks, if you even notice it then. A biometric employee time card machine makes payroll stress and error free.

Employee Time Card Machine Keeps You Informed

The payroll problem presented by employee time card machines is also easily solved with MinuteHound. Thanks to the simple and easy to use program that operates the biometric pad, it’s easy as pie to turn hours worked into proper payroll data. MinuteHound’s system automatically stores each employee’s total hours worked along with their hours worked each day.

Employee Time Card Machine For Your StaffUnlike with your standard employee time card machine, MinuteHound does almost all the heavy lifting for you. The best part is that neither of these two benefits, useful as they are, are what’s going to make managing your business easier than ever.

MinuteHound’s greatest benefit, in the eyes of many, is how far it goes to keep you informed of any anomalies in your business. For example, with a standard employee time card machine, employees can clock in late with no issues. MinuteHound, on the other hand, keeps an employee schedule in its system at all times. Any time it detects a problem, such as an employee coming in late or leaving early, it can immediately send you an email to inform you of it. Combine this with the fact that you can log in completely securely and make any changes necessary on the fly, and you can see why an employee time card machine is no match for MinuteHound.

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