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Are you still using the same old inefficient punch clock? Are you tired of fraudulent entries such as “buddy punching,” unpaid overtime, and other forms of time theft? Are you sick of coming in early every time you need to run payroll? Then the MinuteHound™ Fingerprint Timeclock is for you! This is no run-of-the-mill punch clock.

MinuteHound™ is a biometric fingerprint scanner that, unlike traditional punch clocks, ensures with 100% accuracy that the correct employee is clocking in and out at the designated time. Using advanced and specialized software, the MinuteHound™ punch clock transmits all information wirelessly to the Cloud, resulting in a system that can be checked live by authorized users from anywhere with an internet connection— no dedicated computer necessary! In addition, this software allows for customizable alerts that can inform you, via e-mail or text message, when an employee is late, or leaves early. Never be uninformed again!

And the process couldn’t be simpler. The software itself is plug-and-play, requiring no training or guidance, and there is no learning curve. Even so, round-the-clock support is available to answer any and all of your questions. The purchase is risk-free, with no obligations and a 100% money back guarantee. Once the MinuteHound™ punch clock is connected to a computer with an active internet connection, it becomes the location’s clock-in terminal. Since three USB extension cables per device are available for purchase, it can be situated up to 54-feet from the connected computer! Employee registration takes only a minute, and any clock-in errors can easily be corrected by the system administrator.

MinuteHound’s Punch Clock Eliminates Time Cards and Paper Waste

And MinuteHound™ serves as far more than a punch clock. Aside from transmitting real-time attendance –eliminating time theft –it can also calculate employee wages via an Excel-based table. Other biometric scanners are costly and difficult to install. Because the MinuteHound™ attaches to an already-existing computer and utilizes its internet connection, costs are reduced and installation couldn’t be simpler.

By eliminating time cards, MinuteHound™ saves you precious time and money. Employee time data may be printed or exported to a spreadsheet: PDF, Excel, or ASCII. The MinuteHound™ punch clock uses a 128-bit encryption process to wirelessly transfer employee fingerprint data, which is then fragmented into four secure servers located on different continents across the globe. Because no fingerprint picture data is stored, your privacy is ensured, and the print cannot be reverse-engineered from the encrypted number string.

MinuteHound™ punch clock can scale to fit any size business: a 50,000 employee business is a cinch to process! Using unique logins, multiple companies can use a single MinuteHound™ terminal. MinuteHound™ punch clock is therefore the most cost-effective solution for businesses that have multiple branches.

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