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Why Employers Choose Biometric Readers for Time Clocks

Employers want to trust their employees. Honesty is a valued commodity in any business. However, many employers wonder if their employees are honest when they fill out their time sheets. When employees round their hours, even by a few minutes, the minutes can add up. When they sign out a few minutes early, these minutes can add up. Over time, dishonesty can cost employers thousands of dollars in payroll costs.

Manual time sheets are hard to manage, especially with a large number of employees. Employers do not have time to “babysit” their employees, especially in busy work environments. Automated time clocks are the best solution. Automated time clocks avoid the headaches that come with manual time clocks, time sheets and the “honor system.” They accurately record clock-ins and clock-outs. They can also automate company rules and regulations. They give employers a precise payroll process.

Automated time clocks exist in many forms including swipe cards, badges, barcode readers, fingerprint scanners and hand readers. Different time clocks allow employers to choose the best system for their needs. For many reasons, more employers are choosing a biometric reader for time and attendance records.

Easy To Use Biometric Reader | 100% Secure

A biometric reader uses fingerprint or hand scanners to record work attendance. Highly sensitive military facilities first used biometric time clocks. Many companies, organizations and government agencies use them today. A biometric reader converts a fingerprint into a string of numbers that is transmitted from a clock-in terminal to a remote server. The system uses encryption to avoid privacy concerns. The most secure biometric time clocks do not store fingerprint images, so they cannot be reverse engineered.

Companies use a biometric reader when they are concerned about the honesty of their employees. Some employees practice “buddy punching.” They clock-in for their friends who arrive late or leave early. They may even clock-in for employees who are absent or not scheduled to work that day. A biometric reader eliminates the “buddy punching” problem. Fingerprint clocks like the MinuteHound system end the dishonesty. They can save employers thousands of dollars of unnecessary operational costs.

The Many Benefits of Using A Biometric Reader

Biometric ReaderA biometric reader can benefit employees too. Fingerprint scanners keep accurate records, so employees get their correct pay. There are no time sheets, time cards or other paperwork to complete. In most cases, employees can access their time and attendance data online.

Most companies that integrate their payroll system with biometric readers see a return on their investment in a few months. Time clock services like MinuteHound require a one-time purchase for the biometric reader. Various subscription plans ensure that employers can afford a biometric time clock with around the clock technical support included. The price of a biometric reader is a fraction of the cost for other systems. A fingerprint time clock will pay for itself in a short period of time.

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