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With a Biometric Scanner It’s Not About Trust: It’s About Convenience

Traditional time clocks are starting to look like antiquated relics more and more each day. We might have moved past the actual “punching” part of “punching the clock,” but even modern techniques require employees to carry and scan badges, or type in personal identification numbers.

The best security techniques use something you are instead of something you have. With that in mind, MinuteHound has perfected biometric scanner time clocks. This technology represents a huge leap forward for time management and time theft prevention.

For the uninitiated, a biometric scanner reads the fingerprint of the user, instantly identifying them and allowing them to clock in and out. Whereas previous techniques involving badges and time cards relied just a little too heavily on trust (which can too easily be squandered) and the honor system (too easily taken advantage of), a biometric scanner can allow you to track the arrivals and departures of your employees with ease.

You might think that introducing a new technology into the workplace would cause a disruption, requiring you to train personnel to use and administrate it. With MinuteHound, that’s not the case at all. There is virtually no learning curve, meaning no lost time and profits, and the software is plug-and-play. Furthermore, the technology that powers the MinuteHound biometric scanner is cloud-based, meaning management has access to employee time clock records from just about any computer, anywhere in the world.

The Biometric Scanner Uses 128-bit Encryption

Best of all, everything is highly automated, meaning you can let the computer do most of the hard work. The biometric scanner automatically generates reports for you when an employee clocks in late or leaves from their shift early. There’s no more guessing; MinuteHound makes employees fully accountable for the time they spend (or don’t spend) in the workplace.

MinuteHound Biometric ScannerIf you’re concerned about security, know that MinuteHound uses industry-standard 128-bit encryption in our biometric scanner and time clock technology, ensuring that your company records are kept safe from prying eyes.

Consider this another way. You might be resisting introducing a technology like this because you fear that your employees will interpret it as a lack of trust on your part. What you should really be thinking about instead is the time it will save them as they clock out at the end of the day. Nobody wants to be fumbling with a key card or badge when they should be on their way home to their family. With a biometric scanner, one press of their fingerprint and they’re done. Thoughts of trust being a rare commodity will soon be a thing of the past.

This is just a brief overview of what a biometric scanner can do for you. Visit our website today to get the whole story.

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