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Businesses lose money in a wide variety of areas. Shrink is money that they lose from various types of physical theft. One example of a shrink situation is a patron stealing a cell phone. Another shrink situation is an employee stealing a computer. Patrons and employees sometimes steal products from the stores. A typical business will lose 2-5 percent of its money from shrink losses. Businesses also lose quite a bit of money on payroll discrepancies. Some examples of the most common payroll discrepancies are as follows:

Buddy Timekeeping
Buddy punch time clock keeping is a very common form of time theft that affects many businesses. Such occurs when one person uses the username and password of another person on an old styled punch time clock system. Some employees also perform this act on time cards. Employees who have not worked on a specific day are paid hours for working because of this system of timekeeping. The company that pays the employee loses a massive amount of money over time.

Human Errors
Sometimes the employees and even managers make human errors with old punch time clock systems. A person can easily transpose numbers on a time card or write in an estimated time for an employee. These actions can also lose money for a company.

MinuteHound Corrects Punch Time Clock Errors
MinuteHound is a company that offers a product that can rid a company of all types of payroll discrepancies. The company offers a small, affordable, biometric punch time clock system that works by scanning an employee’s fingerprint. To clock in or out, the person only has to touch the surface of the device for a brief time. The punch time clock system then transmits data to a remote server, and it keeps the records in real time.

One of the elements that is unique about the MinuteHound punch time clock system is that the user does not have to conduct extensive assembly. The program consists of a USB connectable fingerprint scanner and a computer program. The person can connect the scanner directly to any computer, and the unit immediately activates and becomes that location’s punch time clock system.

24/7 Access To All Records When Using MinuteHound’s Punch Time Clock

Plug and Play Punch ClockThe MinuteHound punch time clock system also has amazing monitoring capabilities. An administrator can log onto the program from virtually any place in the world. Managers can monitor the activity of the employees even when they are on vacation. They can make time clock or scheduling adjustments.

Any business would benefit from the MinuteHound punch time clock system, because it saves money. The system saves money on payroll and on products. An interested party can obtain a scanner for a low price, and then select a plan according to the amount of employees.

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