Windows Biometric Framework: Fingerprint Scanner For Business

Windows Biometric Framework: Business Time And Attendance Software

Starting with Windows 7, Microsoft introduced the windows biometric framework. The windows biometric framework improves the quality, reliability, and consistency for all users that utilize biometric equipment. Biometrics have become so popular, trusted, and secure that Windows now supports all types of devices. Microsoft provides support for fingerprint devices on Windows 7, 8, 2008 Server RT, and Server 2012. However, if you still use Vista or XP MinuteHound will work flawlessly. MinuteHound is the leader in biometric time and attendance for small, medium and large businesses. Over 150,000 daily users clock-in and out of work everyday using MinuteHound software. If you do not know or understand what the windows biometric framework is, don’t worry! Let MinuteHound worry about it, while you focus on your business!

The windows biometric framework is just a technical way of saying, “your stuff will work!”. Not only work, but is supported. Any PC you currently use in your office will be fine. If your wondering what MinuteHound is and how it works, think simple and easy. If you own a business or manage employees, then you need a way to record your workers time. You probably already use time sheets, pins, passwords, badges, punch clocks or some way to have your employees sign-in and out of work. MinuteHound uses state of the art technology to replace your current system. The windows biometric framework will now work for you!

How MinuteHound Works With Windows Biometric Framework

For starters, let’s first explain how MinuteHound works. Your employees will arrive, take breaks, and exit all by placing a finger on the scanner. The scanner is mailed to you after you setup an account. It is a one time fee of $99.95. You pay for it once and never again. The scanner itself is backed by a lifetime warranty. After you receive the scanner, you simply plug it into your PC and download the software. This is where the windows biometric framework comes in. Now, if your using Windows 7 or any other types listed above, you already have the windows biometric framework to support your devices. However, if you don’t have it don’t worry! MinuteHound will take care of all the technical features and support.

Microsoft Biometric FrameworkAfter you plug in the scanner and download the software, you enroll your employees. If you ever, at anytime need assistance support is always available. Live friendly technical support can even virtually connect to your PC and do the hard work for you! Again, the basis of MinuteHound is to give you tools and resources to help you better manage your business. Your company will be using the windows biometric framework to keep track of employees. You can manage multiple locations all from one computer. Simple and easy. No more wasted time. No more wasted money. You work hard for your money, keep more of it! From day 1, the system will pay for itself.

The Benefits of MinuteHound And The Windows Biometric Framework

Biometrics in your business guarantees accuracy. Employees will never be able to cheat or cover for friends. If they show up late or try to sneak out early, MinuteHound will send you a text and e-mail letting you know. The price points are the best in the industry. At only $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location, it fits any budget. Large corporations use MinuteHound, and now the same technology, features and benefits are available to everyone. There is no long term commitments or obligations. You can cancel at anytime. It is completely compatible with the windows biometric framework.

Also keep in mind the system is 100% safe to use. Your employees will never have any reason to complain, as no images are ever stored. All prints are broken down into numbers. Information is never at risk. All information is located offsite on remote servers, which means nothing is ever stored on your computer. Employees will never be able to access anything they are not supposed too. Managers will be able to log-in from anywhere, at anytime to check records. You can view/edit/modify information whenever you want. From the golf course you can see who’s working. Mobile devices give you the power to always be informed. Upgrade today and start using the windows biometric framework to your advantage!

Please know the scanner will only work for and with MinuteHound. It cannot be used for any other purpose.

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