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Use MinuteHound as a Student Attendance System

If schools need an improved student attendance system, they can try MinuteHound. This biometric fingerprint-tracking device connects to any computer. With this setup, students can’t fool anyone. If they don’t sign in by touching the device, principals and teachers know they didn’t come to school. Of course, this student attendance system works as long as pupils don’t forget to use it.

However, a teacher can enter the information manually if they do forget. They can also plug this USB device into a classroom PC. The convenient placement of this tracking tool makes it easy for students to remember to sign in before class. Educational institutions can set up the MinuteHound student attendance system on any computer they want. This will further provide accuracy when monitoring activity and analyzing educational quality.

These details further explain how schools can set up an effective student attendance system:

► No technical skills needed to install and/or operate.
► Plug the MinuteHound USB device onto any working computer.
► Input the data that tracks student attendance, including fingerprints.
► Instruct students on how to place their finger on the device for accurate readings.
► Access attendance data from any location – school, home or office.
► Print instant reports for school boards and principals.

The MinuteHound student attendance system does all the tracking work without the need to take roll call every day before class. It also doesn’t require training to use. If there is any questions or assistance is needed, MinuteHound provides around the clock customer service and supoort. The entire team is based right here in the United States.

Here’s some of the advantages of using MinuteHound as a school attendance system:

■ Students can’t go back and alter data already submitted.
■ It reduces the need to track down truant students.
■ Educators and administrators spend less time dealing with forged excuse notes.
■ It provides a way to monitor students with less physical paperwork.
■ Staff receives instant email or text alerts when a student doesn’t go to school.
■ Students can register into class to verify attendance in under 2 seconds.

The MinuteHound provides accurate calculations, yet it protects the privacy of all users. It employs a 128-bit encryption technology and stores information on secure servers. At the same time, this student attendance system provides reliable results.

No Limit To The Student Attendance System

New and Improved Time Stamp MachineThere’s no limit of user registrations that can access the MinuteHound clock. Furthermore, this student attendance system can produce fast calculations of days and times. In addition to monitoring when people show up for class, it easily tabulates data in both Excel and PDF formats.

It’s never been easier to make sure people don’t skip class when using MinuteHound. This student attendance system can change education for the better, too. Learning centers can improve quality of services to children, teens and adults. Please contact us today for more information.

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