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Biometrics vs. RFID Personnel Tracking System

The MinuteHound device serves purposes similar to a RFID personnel tracking system. However, it takes employee time and attendance tracking a step further. Unlike most RFID personnel tracking systems, MinuteHound uses the latest biometric fingerprint technology to ensure accuracy when clocking in and clocking out. Furthermore, this equipment provides accurate evidence of work time completed. It also works with just about any existing computer. In the process, it provides an alternative to using traditional RFID personnel tracking.

MinuteHound aggressively eliminates the following instances:

■ Buddy punching
■ Time card errors
■ Unapproved overtime
■ Time in/time out manipulation

The device immediately stores time in and time out in at a remote location, and managers can access the info from anywhere. Furthermore, this system that doesn’t require RFID personnel tracking technology sends instant emails and text message alerts. Therefore, project managers and payroll departments will immediately know when an employee shows up late. Likewise, they will know if someone doesn’t come to work at all.

This is not an RFID personnel tracking unit, but it still stores data accessible from these devices:

■ Internet-enabled smartphones, tablets and laptops
■ Desktop computers
■ Centralized PC data centers

The MinuteHound device does all this without having to keep time cards or other physical inventory, and it requires very little setup time. It’s very easy to learn how to use the MinuteHound, which is a practical alternative to RFID fingerprint technology personnel tracking equipment.

This equipment does not require endless hours of training in order to use it. All users do is plug it in and start it up. However, we offer round the clock support for anyone who needs assistance. For technical support and friendly customer service, don’t hesitate to contact us right away.

Let MinuteHound Guide You To Savings!Our advanced time recording tool also uses 128-bit encryption technology. This enhances security when transferring data. As a result, MinuteHound protects the privacy of employers and employees while still tracing activity back to one person. It’s also impossible to alter the information sent and received. Furthermore, it may provide more security than some RFID personnel tracking devices. MinuteHound also drastically reduces payroll-processing time more so than certain RFID personnel tracking units. Of course, it also diminishes stress associated with managing employees and prevents financial disputes.

Here’s what a business can do with this RFID personnel tracking system alternative:

■ Generate instant time and attendance reports
■ Keep employees honest without constant supervision
■ Deal with payroll abuse and tardiness more effectively
■ Log in from anywhere in the world and see who’s working

MinuteHound versus RFID personnel tracking equipment saves employers reduces payroll expenses by 5%, yet it only costs companies pennies a day. It has already made a difference for countless small businesses and large corporations, so try out MinuteHound today.

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