Biometrics in Schools: Why Parents Need To Know About This Technology

Why Biometrics in Schools Are So Important

Safety, security, and higher-quality education. These three things are usually on the mind of any parent with a child in school, regardless of grade. Biometrics in schools assist in all 3 categories, with a host of other benefits. For starters, teachers love biometrics in schools and specifically their classroom as students walk into class with a simple swipe. No more roll call. No more wondering if someone is there or not. Biometrics are foolproof, and friends can’t cover for each and attendance is guaranteed. This puts more time into learning compared to making sure students are present.

In addition to being foolproof, biometrics in schools can prove to be invaluable in cases of emergencies. Unfortunately, almost every week or two there is an incident at a school or college campus involving the safety of those students and teachers. By using biometrics in schools and especially MinuteHound, administrators can have instant access to real-time status reports. So if an emergency takes place in a certain location or classroom or building, an administrator can instantly access records of every student who was clocked in. No more running around trying to find out who was there and who was not, but every student will be accounted for instantly by using biometrics in schools. Increased safety and peace of mind through technology.

Biometrics in Schools: No More Safety Concerns

Biometrics in SchoolsThe biggest myth to biometrics is that it is somehow unsafe to use. That somehow by using fingerprints to record time can somehow be bad if that fingerprint fell into the wrong hands. When it comes to students, this could be bad and many parents always ask the same question: where does my child’s fingerprint go? With MinuteHound, the answer is absolutely nowhere! MinuteHound has a one-of-a-kind patent in the United States, using cloud-based technology. Each and every time a student is registered, or any user, that fingerprint is immediately broken down into binary numbers. With each and every swipe, information is transmitted using 128-bit encryption. There is no information risk at all with MinuteHound, which is why so many schools use our biometrics in schools.

If someone stole the fingerprint scanner or the computer to try and get information, it would not matter at all. Nothing is saved locally, but transferred offsite. This is how administrators can access information live. Speaking of live reporting, biometrics in schools also lead to bigger budgets and quality education. How? Many public school systems receive funding based upon attendance, and with MinuteHound biometrics in schools provide reports that are 100% accurate and accountable. There is no questions about attendance nor errors. Biometrics in schools are profound on every level and MinuteHound is the current leader in biometric time and attendance!

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