Biometrics Time Attendance System- Lower Payroll Costs

How Your Business is Constantly Losing Money without a Biometrics Time Attendance System

The primary objective of any business owner is to make money. Whether this is through services or retail sale, building net income is the number one goal. Unfortunately, there are many ways that your business is losing money regularly. This loss is coming from your employees and their management of time. Using a biometrics time attendance system can relieve some of that loss.

How Can the Biometrics Time Attendance System Save Money?
When you hire an employee, you’re paying that individual for a set amount of hours. If you need him or her to be working from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, then he or she should be working those hours. You’re keeping your end of the bargain for paying the employee for eight hours of work, but is the individual honoring his or her side?

A biometrics time attendance system keeps employees honest. If someone is consistently five to ten minutes late every day, that is money out of your company’s accounts – especially if the person is forging the time. There are many ways that an employee can get around the system in order to receive a full paycheck. MinuteHound can prevent those individuals from scamming your company.

Preventing Falsified Time Cards with a Biometrics Time Attendance System
Biometric scanning relies on the fingerprint of your employee. Instead of a punch clock or a hand-written time sheet, the scanning system logs a person in and out. The biometrics time attendance system provides an exact account of each person in your payroll. Instead of paying someone for false times, your business could reduce the amount of money spent each pay period. Five or ten minutes may not sound like a lot until you total the entire time throughout the year.

Calculated Losses without the Biometrics Time Attendance System
Internet Based Time TrackingAssume that your company is paying someone $10 per hour. This individual is usually five minutes late every day. Since he or she doesn’t feel that five minutes is a big deal, this person fills the time sheet as though he or she has worked the full day. Without a biometrics time attendance system to track the employee, your company loses as much as $16.67 per month. That may not sound like a lot until you consider this is just one individual with five minutes each day.

A Biometrics Time Attendance System to Maximize Your Business Practices
The MinuteHound biometrics time attendance system has the capability of sending SMS text messages when employees are late. It can also send notifications if too many or too few employees are clocked in. As the system is stored on the cloud, you can rest easy knowing it’s secure and accessible from virtually anywhere. Reduce your losses by using a biometric scanning system for your payroll.

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