Small Business Trends: Go Green, Reduce Waste and Turn a Profit

Small Business Trends: How MinuteHound Cloud Technology Turns an Office Into A Paperless Green Power House

Going green makes sense financially, socially and environmentally and makes sense with current small business trends. Using biometric fingerprint technology, a company can reduce the need for paper time cards and wasteful employee logs. Cloud technology gives your company a simplified experience and the ability to access records from anywhere. Cloud services have the ability to be scalable and keep up with small business trends so you only use the actual resources necessary to store, log and process data. Using MinuteHound’s time clock software instead of outdated paper systems helps keep your company tidy.

Archive Old Records
Small business trends point toward creating more green technology and reducing wasteful practices. A company that reduces waste can increase profits. Storing old records takes up space and increases clutter in your office. When it comes time to archive old records you must create printouts that create additional paper not needed with a software-based system. Old records must stay in the system in case of a dispute. File cabinets, storage space and time all go into the cost required to keep records. Small business trends show that offices can work better in small spaces by reducing clutter and freeing up space. Keep up with small business trends and upgrade your system to protect your data.

Time Cards, Inventory and Upkeep
Get rid of the need for time cards, costly inventory prone to failure and the costs associated with keeping large and bulky time managing equipment. Fingerprint readers can be placed anywhere and notify managers when an employee clocks in late. The software also lets managers know if an employee does not show up at all. When you have to run more than one machine to track an employee it increases your cost. Each machine you plug in drawing power and makes your electricity bill higher. With a simple fingerprint time clock that attaches to your computer, you can stop high energy prices and stay green. Small business trends show that more companies are getting rid of wasteful devices and switching to more complete solutions that solve more than one problem.

Security Concerns
Green and Paperless Card Punch MachineTime card software gets rid of many security problems. The MinuteHound data collection software uses secure methods of transferring data with 128-bit encryption. Paper records can get lost or stolen. With the need to keep our forests growing, paper records also make your business less green and don’t keep up with current small business trends. Avoid the potential for an employee to clock in late and trick the system by using a simple fingerprint reader to clock in to work. Manual changes can be made by a trusted manager and any changes appear in a log in case the owner needs to review an employee’s attendance record.

Company Image
Customers that visit your office are going to see that you use an old time clock interface and wonder if you are keeping up with small business trends. Customers like new ideas and to see that the company they are buying products and services from is keeping up with technology, while conserving natural resources and energy.

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