Improved Biometric Time Clock Software

Why Use Time Clock Software?

In this modern business age, it is almost impossible to find a workplace without a computer, tablet or laptop. Therefore, why do these modern businesses still use pen and paper or wall time clocks? It makes no business sense! MinuteHound was developed by business owners for business owners. Time clock software easily installs on any machine while running in the background. It takes up no space and the employees record their time by a simple swipe of their fingerprint. No ID’s or passwords to remember. No badges or cards they must have, just their finger! Time clock software is easy to use and packs a knockout punch to time fraud, time theft, and payroll discrepancies.

Any other form of time and attendance, besides biometrics, are costing you money. They completely rely on employees being honest, not making mistakes, and always doing the right thing. With MinuteHound’s time clock software, employees cannot cheat. There is no way pad hours or get paid for hours they don’t actually work! The time clock software is part of a package that includes a biometric scanner which employees use to clock in and out of work.

Benefits of Time Clock Software

For starters using time clock software instantly erases fraud and common human error. This means less time conducting payroll while saving more money. Basically, MinuteHound pays for itself with the increased amount of time and money you will save. Also, MinuteHound never expires or gets outdated. Time clock software includes unlimited updates whenever a new released is pushed out. Every client can pick up a phone and dial a U.S. based service rep for support or email, whatever they prefer.

Employees can also login to the system to view their timecard, which gives them more responsibility of tracking their own time. Time clock software provides a boost to productivity as no more long lunch breaks or sneaking out 15 minutes early. Biometrics and time clock software keep everyone honest! Try it today and if you love it, keep using it. If not, then cancel. No obligations required and no long term commitments need to be made.

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