Biometric Time Clock Reviews: Business Advantages Explained

Biometric Time Clock Reviews : MinuteHound Ranks at the Top of the Industry

What is one aspect of running a business that can cause repeated headaches? Surveys of business owners consistently rank payroll and time card management near the top of this list, but now there is an affordable and practical solution. When scanning biometric time clock reviews, the MinuteHound consistently comes out on top. Using this system, employees will clock in and out with a unique fingerprint ID. The MinuteHound gives managers the flexibility to view any employees attendance record 24/7 on a cloud based online database, and manage payroll remotely. A search of biometric time clock reviews will indicate that the MinuteHound system will take the stress out of payroll and attendance management, giving managers more valuable time to grow your business.

MinuteHound System Eliminates Fraud According to Biometric Time Clock Reviews

The tale is as old as the time clock itself. Jim is running late for work, so he calls up his good friend Jen to ask her to punch him in on time. The employees may not think of this “buddy punching” as a big deal, but it is technically theft, and it is costing business’ money. Managers are too busy to worry about whether or not this type of fraud is occurring, and the MinuteHound eliminates this as a possibility. Numerous biometric time clock reviews will confirm that this system only allows one individual employee to clock in and out, because it will use their unique fingerprint to access the clock! Presto, no more time card fraud!

Biometric Time Clock Reviews : Save Up To 8% on Payroll With MinuteHound
Access Attendance Records From Any Web BrowserAccording to the American Payroll Association (APA), using the MinuteHound biometric time clock will reduce the average business’ payroll cost by 2-8%. MinuteHound doesn’t just eliminate fraud, but provides the manager with a range of reporting and notification tools to facilitate effective payroll management. According to the top biometric time clock reviews, it is not unusual for a business to see at least a 5% reduction in payroll costs when using MinuteHound.

The Biometric Time Clock Reviews Are In! MinuteHound is Guaranteed
MinuteHound has a patent on cloud based biometric identification, meaning that it is the ONLY company that can offer biometric time clocks using 100% internet and cloud based technology. Don’t fall for an imitation! Not satisfied after trying it out? That’s fine too, MinuteHound offers a risk free money back guarantee on the system, and will even pay for your return shipping.

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MinuteHound is your all-in-one solution for time card and attendance management, providing business owners with valuable time to get back to what is most important to them. The MinuteHound system will eliminate fraud, provide valuable reporting tools and most importantly, peace of mind! Call today to begin a no risk trial of MinuteHound biometric time clock.

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