Biometric Time Clock- Save Money. Gain Time. Lower Expenses

Out With the Punch Card, In With the Biometric Time Clock

Is your business looking to save money and be more efficient? Of course you are. Isn’t that everyones goal? MinuteHound’s biometric clock time is the answer you’re looking for. This amazing piece of technology will help multiple positions and departments within your business. A biometric clock replaces your current time and attendance system at work. Instead of using a traditional time card, computer, or various other systems you could be using to track your employees time, MinuteHound uses the latest biometric clock time technology with a simple swipe of the finger.

Biometric Clock Time: Payrolls Dream Come True
However your payroll department is keeping track of time now, once you introduce MinuteHound, they will believe their dreams have come true. Once an employee swipes their finger across the biometric clock time, their time and information will all instantaneously be saved to any computer you choose to hook MinuteHound up to. This dramatically decreases the amount of work your payroll deparement will have to do when it comes to tracking employees time, how much they have earned, and overall attendance tendencies.

Biometric Clock Time: The Crime Stopper
We’ve all run into it: dishonesty in the workplace. Say Tim knows he is doing to be late for work, but doesn’t want to lose a minute of pay. Tim calls his fellow employee and buddy Eric, and asks him to punch him in on time, even though he shows up half an hour late! You have just paid someone for work they did not perform. MinuteHound will prevent time manipulation from occuring. Since a biometric clock time system will only clock each individual in based on their own fingerprint, it will literally be impossible for circumstances like these to occur.

Biometric Clock Time: Overall Money Saver
Fingerprint Time Clock Uses 128-Bit EncryptionNeedless spending within a business is a killer. We are all trying to find ways to cut useless spending. MinuteHound will help your business accomplish that several ways. Because you will know exactly to the minute what time your employees clock in and out, everyone will get exactly what they have earned and not a penny more. MinuteHound has been reported to save businesses two to eight percent every year according to the American Payroll Association. Another way MinuteHound will reduce cost is that the computer will automatically inform you when you have too many people clocked in.

Join the Future!

Now that you have been informed of just a few of the ways MinuteHound, biometric clock time, can help your business thrive, it’s time to join the future! Join the MinuteHound family today, and you will soon find that your business is running more efficiently, fiscally, and peacefully. This is one move you will not regret.

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