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Managing Manpower at a Retail Location a Biometric Time Card System

When you operate a large department store or a business that requires a certain number of employees to be on staff, you need to be sure that everyone is accounted for. Through data analysis, you can discover the optimum number of employees during certain times of the day or what kind of an impact customers will have during holidays. A biometric time card system can help you keep tabs on the number of employees you currently have on hand.

How Does the Biometric Time Card System Help Staffing?
The MinuteHound system will advise you when you have too few or too many staff members clocked in. Without looking at time sheets or performing a head count of employees currently on the floor, the system can notify designated managers of any discrepancies during work schedules. This could be greatly beneficial if you need a certain number of employees to handle events such as Black Friday.

Since the biometric time card system operates off of scanned fingerprints, you can be more confident that the number of employees that are working is accurate. Of course if employees show up without scanning their finger prior to a shift, you could still have more people than you need helping customers.

Why Does it Matter if the Biometric Time Card System Shows too Many Clocked In?
Hiring employees is usually based off of what the business budget can handle. If there are too many individuals working during specific times, the business could lose money. Even if these individuals are working diligently for the improvement of the business, it’s a matter of affording the help during those designated times. The MinuteHound biometric time card system will help you determine if you need to send extra employees home for the day.

Know Your Staffing Situation with the Biometric Time Card System
Image of fingerprint t&a systemWhile MinuteHound will provide you with alerts when there are too many or too few employees on the clock, it can also tell you when someone is late. In a busy retail store, this can cost your business sales as there are not enough staff to satisfy the demands of the customers. These text messages can help you quell a situation before it arises by finding employees willing to work a shift should an employee become a no-show.

The Biometric Time Card System is More than a Monitoring Device
Biometric scanning can do everything from assisting proper payroll procedures to displaying reports of employee activity. These records are in real-time and can be used to develop future strategies for staffing during peak hours. Since the system is Cloud-based, yourself and your managers can access the system from nearly any Internet connected device. Increase the overall productivity of your retail location and increase efficiency through a biometric time card system. You could improve your company’s bank accounts in more ways than one.

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