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MinuteHound Can Help Save Time With The New Biometric Time Clock System

Business leaders are constantly trying to find ways to increase revenue and productivity while reducing unnecessary expenditures. One of those expenditures is time. When employees abuse time that is allocated to them, employers end up paying for time that has not yielded positive results. For example, employees may arrive to work late, leave early, or claim overtime that has not been approved. This negligence also affects the rest of a workforce that is diligently complying to attendance rules by adding extra work when designated workers are not present.

An Effective Time and Attendance Tracking System
These time abuse challenges may seem uncontrollable particularly when trying to manually manage time records, but there is a solution to the problem. MinuteHound offers employers an innovative way to stop time theft and save money through a biometric time clock system. This system is able to track employee time several ways. For example, instead of using a traditional way of logging in by writing down time, employees are required to log in with their finger. As a result, the likelihood of one employee logging in for another employee is greatly reduced.

A biometric time clock system also reduces paperwork because workforce time records are managed electronically. Employers are able to stay abreast of employee attendance even if they are away from the company. By using a biometric time clock system, electronic alerts are send to an employer via email to help employers monitor workforce attendance activity. This process allows employers to maintain adequate workforce levels if employees call off sick or other unexpected situations occur.

Why Choose a Biometric Time Clock System?
128-Bit Data Encryption Keeps Information SafeBy utilizing a biometric time clock system, employers can start managing workforce time and attendance immediately. There are no training sessions required in order to implement the system. The only requirement needed is to sign up for the system, pay a low monthly fee, install the system, and turn it on. Employers no longer have to rely on a staff member who may miss recording time or records the wrong amount of time. A biometric time clock system helps organizations meet their long term goals by assessing which employees are adding value to the company and those who are increasing liabilities.

A company’s payroll department personnel will also be able to work efficiently when a biometric time clock system has produced accurate time information. As a result, an organization’s accounting records are properly aligned and savings are evident at the end of the year. MinuteHound’s biometric time clock systems helps companies increase security by preventing theft before it occurs. Companies of all sizes can benefit from the implementation of a biometric time clock system.

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