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Time Clock Biometric Programs Solves Many Business Problems

Nowadays a business owner has numerous technological tools available to increase the profitability and efficiency of his business. Personnel costs are an area that impacts a company’s bottom line perhaps more than any other. Whether a company has one or thousands of employees, using the right personnel management software is an opportunity to save on costs. The time clock biometric system by MinuteHound is a solution for most of a company’s employee management needs.

Benefits of the Time Clock Biometric System
MinuteHound’s time clock biometric software is a 24/7, red flag program that tracks employees attendance in real time. Employees log in by touching a compact fingerprint reader. This device does away with organizations most common personnel issues. Such issues cost business billions of dollars a year. Problem solutions include:

1. Buddy punch in and punch out is not possible with time clock biometric.
2. Employees cannot manipulate their time cards and add time to their shifts. This program ends employees working unauthorized overtime.
3. The time to process payroll is reduced. The program automatically produces reports quickly and easily.
4. Because it is possible to see the number of staff working at any company site, managers can determine how many people are working at any given time. Such information means that the staffing needs at any site can be accurately calculated.
5. The payroll department does not have to deal with time cards with time clock biometric. The problems associated with lost time cards are eliminated. Employees cannot sign in or out on the wrong time card. The time consuming process of verifying time card accuracy is unnecessary. In the above areas alone, a business can save 2% to 8% off its annual payroll costs.

Using Time Clock Biometric Program
Cloud File Security | Monthly Time SheetsOften times, companies delay switching to new programs or procedures because such changes can be very costly. Unlike some programs, time clock biometric is easy and quick to set up. User training is not required. Therefore changing to time clock biometric is inexpensive and fast. Once MinuteHound’s time clock biometric program is installed, employees sign in simply by touching their finger to the portable fingerprint scanner. This little device is much less expensive than a traditional time clock. The need for time cards is eliminated. It is beneficial to employees too since they can log in and view their own work history.

All-in-all, time clock biometric saves business money. At the same time it easily provides valuable reports for both the company and the employee. Time clock biometric has strong security measures are in place to protect sensitive employee and company information.

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