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Time Punching Machine: A Better Way to Track Time

There are many ways to track employee time and attendance available on the market. Most systems require a time punching machine of some sort. Some systems use RFID cards. Other systems require an employee to type in an employee number. Still other systems use paper time cards and an outdated time punching machine. None of these systems give you the level of control and accuracy you need to track your employees hours worked. A time punching machine that uses fingerprint recognition can greatly improve your entire time and attendance system.

Employee Accountability
A traditional time punching machine doesn’t ensure employee accountability. If an employee comes to work late and tells the manager later on that they forgot their RFID card, there is no way to no for sure what time the employee arrived. The manager is forced to reprimand the employee and clock them in at the scheduled time. This rewards the employee for being late and takes time away from the manager. With a time punching machine that uses a fingerprint reader, there is no excuse for clocking in late. A time punching machine that uses a finger reader requires no extra equipment or inventory. The employee only needs to scan their thumb to begin work and leave. RFID-based systems commonly have issues with old, worn out cards and need regular updates.

How Fingerprint Readers Work
LAN Employee MonitorFingerprint readers detect the small lines and minute differences in each person’s fingerprint. Since no two people have the same fingerprint, using a time punching machine that scans fingerprints is a highly secure method of detecting when an employee is actually at work. Too many times an employee leaves early and “forgets” to clock out. When the manager works on payroll, the simplest option is to pay the employee for the scheduled time. This results in a loss of money for the company.

A fingerprint reader placed next to the employee lockers or on the way out the door serves as a constant reminder that the employee needs to clock in or out. If an employee doesn’t clock out on time, or has a history of failing to clock out, the manager can call in after checking the attendance log online to see if the employee is still at work. The manager can then ask the person still working what time the employee clocked out and avoid paying for an employee that isn’t working.

Choosing a Time Punching Machine
Choose a time punching machine that lets you know when an employee clocks in late, doesn’t clock in at all or clocks out early. MinuteHound provides secure data transfer and online access to logs. The technology doesn’t require any external equipment and is plug and play compatible with your computer. Simply plug the device into your computer and start tracking time and attendance for your employees.

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