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Increase Security With a USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Installing a USB biometric fingerprint reader provides a reliable way to track your employee time and attendance. Most time clock software on the market require extensive contracts and long-term commitments. MinuteHound gives you a product that delivers on the promise of form, function and reliability. All of this can be provided without locking you in to a plan that doesn’t work for you. A USB biometric fingerprint reader takes the work out of tracking employee time and attendance.

USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader Uses
A USB biometric fingerprint reader allows you to track attendance for more than just work-related functions. The USB biometric fingerprint reader is portable and can be taken anywhere. This makes it possible to take the reader with you to conventions, employee retreats and any event that requires you to log employee attendance. All you need is the USB reader, computer and active Internet connection. Schools, companies and organizations have found the USB biometric fingerprint reader offered by MinuteHound useful for keeping track of large groups of students, employees and volunteers.

Increased Security Access
Even high security organizations can benefit from an advanced USB biometric fingerprint reader to verify and track employees. You can also have checkpoints to access different areas of your company. A security guard can require anyone with a pass to swipe their fingerprint before entering a secure location. Because the fingerprint reader allows you to track multiple companies or locations, you can set up a different department for each area in your company. This provides extra security and lets you find out if an employee accesses a restricted zone.

Security Features
Biometric ReaderThe USB biometric fingerprint reader comes with a number of security features. Data gets sent to the cloud and stored with 128-bit encryption. This ensures that nobody without the proper access can obtain your data. If an employee clocks in early or late for a shift, you can get a notice through email or text message. The USB reader can identify a single employee’s unique fingerprint out of one million different prints. The technology is reliable and can be manually edited. If a mistake is made clocking in a manager can edit the time log. When reviewing the logs if an employee clocks in late or leaves early too often, you will know and be able to talk to employee about the issue. Time clock software and hardware gets rid of time theft from the work place. Also, you can access time logs from anywhere with an Internet connection. This means you can get a head start or finish payroll even while away from the office.

Risk Free and No Obligation
There is no risk to change your current system. Once you start using a fingerprint reader, you’ll kick yourself for not switching sooner. A fingerprint reader saves company time, gets rid of clock in mistakes and saves money by eliminating the potential for an employee to game the system.

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