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MinuteHound’s Biometric Time Recorder

Is your company in financial straits and trying to figure out how to save money? MinuteHound can help your company avoid a huge chunk of its yearly money loss. MinuteHound is a biometric time recorder that scans the employee fingerprint, inputs it onto the cloud, thus allowing managers to view their work attendance records at any time and in real time. One of the most attractive things about the MinuteHound biometric time recorder to companies is the guarantee that it will save them money. It does this by making it impossible for employees to do time clock related things that cost the company money such as time theft, making honest mistakes on their time card, and buddy punching.

How the Biometric Time Recorder Actually Saves Money

The biggest problem of these is time theft (when an employee says they worked more than they did). The combined toll between time theft and fraud cost companies every year is massive. The American Payroll Association reports that it is more than $148 billion. In the end, companies will find that purchasing the MinuteHound biometric time recorder is possibly the best financial decision they will ever make. Managers can view any employee, any report, and current attendance at any time via their private web portal.

This means that a manager can access his or her own portal from any of his or her own devices to view detailed time and attendance reports. These managers can also receive a text message and email alert if employees show up late or not at all. But the data of your company will only be available to the approved persons of your company and no one else. To this end everything is encrypted and stored on multiple servers. There are absolutely no obligations about using the MinuteHound biometric time recorder for a certain amount of time. In addition, the MinuteHound biometric time recorder is super easy to set up with no training needed.

The Biometric Time Recorder for a True Business Advantage

The app easily installs on any computer and takes little space, as all data is transferred to the cloud. There is also the attached biometric scanner for the biometric time recorder. Employees need only swipe their fingers and go. The MinuteHound customer service staff is available to fully answer your email or phone calls around the clock. You and your business can stop using MinuteHound whenever you decide to do so and that the MinuteHound biometric time recorder is just not the right fit for you and your company. MinuteHound’s low price for you will depend on the size of your company: $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. There is a one-fee of $99.95, which includes free shipping.

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