Biometric Time Recorder: Ancient Technology Upgraded And Perfected!

Biometric Time Recorder: Ancient Technology Gives the Most Accurate Results

MinuteHound is a biometric time recorder, relying on two ancient secrets: time, and each human’s uniqueness. Combining these is the key to MinuteHound’s success. Knowing just what time it is, and knowing a person’s fingerprint gives clear data for company records. Before clocks, time was kept by tools like sundials. For centuries the captain’s clock has been valued on ships. With a clock and a clear sky to see the stars, the captain can tell the ship’s position. A biometric time recorder will steer your company toward increased savings. Save on payroll costs and rid your reports of errors.

“Biometric” has two Greek roots, “bio” or life, and “metric” or measure. Long before ID cards, signatures, or even writing, biometric IDs were in common use. Ancient cave paintings have been found with hand print signatures in paint. Use a tried and true method to help your business. Using a biometric time recorder will help save you time as a manager. Your reports are flawless and the system is foolproof. No cheating or fudging numbers. Honesty is maintained at all times. You will never over or underpay your staff. Before submitting your payroll, you can view any errors and fix them. No more guessing games which cost you money.

Biometric Time Recorder For All Attendance Needs

Combining precise time with biometrics is good for timekeeping. It converts finger data into a simple “key”. MinuteHound’s biometric time recorder only keeps track of attendance and logs it. It then adds many features useful for accounting and management. Payroll is now done within clicks. Your able to log-in from anywhere and view/edit reports. The biometric time recorder makes tasks easier. Round the clock support help you with any issues or problems. Assistance is always available.

Science is the reason that the MinuteHound biometric time recorder is the best time solution. Privacy makes it the best choice as well. Employees’ prints are never stored. Special software converts the fingerprint. It becomes a unique number which can be compared. It can’t be turned back into a fingerprint. Your information is always kept private and secure. Peace of mind for you and your staff. Also keep in mind records are kept offsite. This means even physical damage is impossible. No fire, water, or theft is possible. Sleep well, MinuteHound is on the clock!

The Biometric Time Recorder Additional Benefits

Plug Into Savings With A Biometric Time RecorderMinuteHound’s biometric time recorder has several ways to beat the ancients. It does use ideas they created. It has time recorded down to the second. It uses computer data to handle fingerprints in detail. It can also encode and store a fingerprint in a way that ensures that it will never be seen. The biometric time recorder is also 100% paperless. Green products save you money. No more worrying about supplies. There is no inventory to manage. The scanner itself is the size of a computer mouse. Save time, money, and that valuable office space!

From the company’s point of view, MinuteHound biometric time recorder is just peace of mind. The cloud-based software keeps managers informed. They know when workers are on the job. It identifies issues, like early exits. Cloud-based means that managers can connect from anywhere, even while traveling. Accurate person and time data means savings of time and money for the payroll department. MinuteHound biometric time recorder, a modern solution based on technology trusted since ancient times.

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