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Why MinuteHound’s Fingerprint Clocking In Machine is Better

Do you have a fingerprint clocking in machine? Do you take advantage of biometrics in your office? If not, your losing money. Sure, it might just be 10 or 50 cents here and there that’s being spent on employees who aren’t present. However, when it happens time and time again, those dimes and half dollars really start to add up. Why is the MinuteHound fingerprint clocking in machine better than other such systems?

First of all, it’s easy to use. Other systems require employees to spend arduous amounts of time waiting for a computer to load up. They might also have to fill out old fashioned time sheets, which require them to bubble in scantron circles with number 2 lead only! With this fingerprint clocking in machine, employees simply scan their finger and they’re good to go. Not only does such a system cut down on wasted time, it also lets employees be happy. They won’t have anything to complain about since the system is so simple.

How The Fingerprint Clocking In Machine Keeps You Informed

This fingerprint clocking in machine is also extremely accurate and provides up-to-minute coverage of your employees and their schedules. For example, if an employee is late to work or leaves early from a scheduled shift, you, the boss, will receive a text message or an email. Before the employee steps foot out of the office, you can find out why he or she is leaving before the agreed upon time. Save time. Save money. Make your life easier with a biometric fingerprint clocking in machine today!

Your Questions Answered! MinuteHound Supports You!So safety is an issue you say? In a world where information is so freely exchanged over the Internet, it’s certainly a logical and practical concern. Fortunately, this system uses 128-bit encryption for data procured. The fingerprint clocking in machine ensures that no one else has access to your employees’ sensitive information. People will not be able to hack in and steal their identities via the fingerprints. Ensuring that your employees are safe is another way to be certain they are happy with the new fingerprint clocking in machine.

The Fingerprint Clocking In Machine Is Affordable

This fingerprint clocking in machine is also excellent for all different types of businesses and companies. At $1.00 per employee, savings are almost instant. Since it uses cloud based software, it can be accessed from any Internet connection in any part of the world. How incredibly amazing is that? If there is an issue with your MinuteHound fingerprint clocking in machine, you’ll have access to round the clock support. Technical professionals are always on the clock, and MinuteHound will be there to help you.

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