Biometric Time Recording For Business and Employees

MinuteHound: Biometric Time Recording for Your Business

If your business is looking to improve your timekeeping system, there’s nothing more reliable than biometric time recording. A verifiable, secure time tracking system is a necessity for most businesses. You need to know who is working, when and for how long. For the best in biometric time recording, look no further than MinuteHound. MinuteHound is time and attendance software that eliminates time theft and buddy punching. It makes your time keeping system fast and efficient. This biometric time recording system allows each employee to check in and check out simply by placing their finger on a scanner. Their fingerprint information is instantly checked. MinuteHound technology ensures you have an accurate record of who is at work.

Biometric Time Recording is Essential for Business Owners

This cloud based system is accessible from any internet connection in the world. No matter where you are, you can always get an instant report of MinuteHound’s biometric time recording. In fact, MinuteHound can even send you an email or a text message if your employees are late or leave early. Just as this biometric time recording system is easy for you as a business owner, it’s also simple for your employees. No more time cards to mess with or time sheets to have signed off. Instead, the MinuteHound system makes clocking in and out as fast as could be. They just touch their finger to the scanner and can get off to work in seconds.

Biometric Time Recording is Simple and Easy

MinuteHound biometric time recording software also streamlines your payroll process. No longer will you need to keep cabinets full of files and paper time recordings. Instead, you can receive a full download of all relevant time tracking information in only seconds. You won’t have to root through piles of time cards and time sheets or manually enter data. MinuteHound does it for you! The biometric time recording software also saves you money, as well as time. You won’t need to keep time cards, ink or other inventory on hand. This cost reduction comes in addition to all the savings from eliminating time theft. You’ll also cut down on payroll and accounting expenses. MinuteHound costs most users only pennies a day, a small price for unbeatable security and reliability.

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