Biometric Time Recording for The Masses!

The Future is Now and it’s Name is Biometric Time Recording

Biometric time recording may sound futuristic, but it operates in today’s world with the security, accuracy, and confidence that the old time clocks and sign-in sheets are woefully incapable of producing. The MinuteHound™ solution works for businesses of all sizes. The plug-and-play technology makes it easy to install our biometric time recording system and USB finger print scanner within minutes. You won’t need a dedicated computer, so it can run in the background without interrupting the normal use of any computer with an internet connection at your facility.

Once you’ve installed the time clock, the next step is to enroll the employees. If there are privacy concerns, you can reassure your employees that the finger prints are encrypted, fragmented, and translated into a string of numbers. The actual finger print image is not stored and cannot be reverse engineered. The enrollment process takes just one or two minutes per employee.

The Advantages to Using Biometric Time Recording are Many

  • If you have an old-fashioned time clock, buddy punching can be a real problem. Unless you have someone stationed at the clock, you have to go by the time cards. With the fingerprint scanner recognizing each employee, there’s no possibility of buddy punching.
  • Real time reports can be viewed by designated managers using a web browser or mobile device.
  • Payroll processing time is reduced, because with biometric time recording, accounting doesn’t have to perform the tedious task of reconciling time cards and calculating hours.
  • The MinuteHound™ biometric time recording system will save money not only in payroll preparation, but it will reduce payroll fraud, time card errors and manipulation, and unapproved overtime.
  • There is no limit to the number of employees who can be enrolled.
  • Designated managers can request real-time customized reports and alerts to adjust staffing for greater efficiency.
  • If a company has remote locations with little on-site supervision, the use of the biometric time recording system ensures accurate reporting.
  • If an employee from one location is asked to report to another, their information is the same at that terminal.

Does Biometric Time Recording System do More Than Record Hours?


MinuteHound is a web-based biometric time recording system. It can export the raw data to your payroll system. The administrator can enter holiday and sick leave through the Web Portal control panel. Besides the obvious peace of mind and accuracy you’ll have with the MinuteHound™ time clock software, you’ll also reduce the risk of time theft. Because of the ease of installing our plug-and-play software, you can hit the ground running within minutes. There isn’t a learning curve and training isn’t usually needed, but we do offer round the clock support.

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