Biometric Time Attendance System- Impossible For Employees To Cheat

Using a Biometric Time Attendance System While Mobile

Not all companies conduct business from a single location. Construction, design, consultation and a long list of other professions can work from outside a central office. In order to maintain an hourly wage, salary or proper billing, a way of tracking time is needed. Fortunately, a biometric time attendance system can provide that ability while staff members are on the move.

Since the scanner itself can be installed on almost any laptop, Internet access for the biometric time attendance system is the only thing you would need to worry about. There are many ways you can get online while using a mobile device such as a laptop. As long as the biometric time attendance system is able to access the web, you can monitor the time of your employees. In the worst case scenario, you may even be able to use a local hotspot or ask permission to use a client connection.

The biometric time attendance system has a great deal of versatility for businesses that are more mobile. Regardless of the task ahead, this system can accurately record time for your staff. Some ways could involve:
-Business expos
-Construction sites
-On-location networking IT
-Traveling labor services such as plumbing and HVAC
-Landscaping services

Keeping Your Staff Honest
The efficiency of your employees directly relates to your net income each month whether you have a biometric time attendance system or not. The more efficient they are, the more profits the business can keep. There’re often times when one staff member will ask another to “clock” him or her in as a favor. Sometimes, this can be abused as friends can help each other get a few extra minutes each day although they’re not on site. A biometric time attendance system stops this act of friendship from being abused. A person has to clock in themselves if he or she wants to get credit for being at work.

Fingerprint Punch Clocks Vs. Badge CardsWhat many employees don’t realize is that every minute of pay going out to those that don’t deserve it takes money away from the sustainability of the business. The less money you have to maintain the business, the greater the chance of having to consider layoffs. Using a biometric time attendance system provides a way to help you prevent that from happening. Although larger companies may have the funds to offset those losses, small and medium sized businesses could feel the impact of overpaying staff.

While most installations of a biometric time attendance system are usually based in an office or other central location, it is quite possible to become more mobile with the device. As long as you have an Internet connection and a small computer such as a laptop, you can keep track of man-hours used while on site. Don’t let mobility be an excuse to not invest in greater efficiency.

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