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Biometrics Attendance System for 21st Century Tracking

A biometrics attendance system moves your company into the 21st Century. Stop relying on paper logs to keep track of employee attendance. Logs provide a printout that you can easily read and review, but that’s where the ease of use ends. Paper logs take up a significant amount of space, waste paper, use large amounts of ink and increase your company power use. A biometrics attendance system can make your company work better, faster and more efficiently.

Employee Reviews
It’s time for your regular employee review and you have an employee that works hard while at work. The problem? You don’t actually know when the employee is at work. Since you can’t be there to monitor your employees all the time, you can’t know for certain if an employee shows up on time or leaves early. You pay employees to do a job and if they don’t show up to work or leave early, they can’t complete that job. Avoid getting duped by your employees and install a biometrics attendance system to verify when an employee comes in and leaves.

Setup Process
Maybe you don’t want to move up to a biometrics attendance system because you don’t want to invest in expensive new tools. You like your paper and you enjoy having a hard copy of your logs. A fingerprint reader doesn’t prevent you from keeping paper logs. Also, you can manually edit an employee’s time from any web broswer. Plug the reader into your computer and you are ready to use the software to track your employees using the biometrics attendance system.

Security Concerns
Fingerprint Time Clock Uses 128-Bit EncryptionSimply put? You don’t have to worry about the security of your employee information. MinuteHound uses 128-bit encryption when transferring data. This means that if someone were to access your network, they would only see a stream of garbled letters and numbers. Without the proper key provided by the biometrics attendance system, it’s virtually impossible to crack the code and get any data from a transfer.

Ease of Use
MinuteHounds biometrics attendance system makes sense intuitively and requires no special training to begin using right away. There are no learning curves, guidance or hours on a support line needed to begin using the program right away. If you ever do need help, you can get help around the clock and solve any problems right away. What’s more, there is no risk or obligation when using the product. The software is cloud based and managers can receive alerts by text message or email. Imagine knowing when an employee arrives or leaves without having to go to the office and check up. Its time to upgrade to an advanced biometrics attendance system.

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MinuteHound Biometrics Attendance System.

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