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Time & Attendance, Meet the Cloud

Fingerprint reading devices have been used in employee time clock systems for more than twenty years. Fingerprint time clocks can be found in thousands of places around the world. These systems are mostly closed systems requiring a wall-mounted time clock or fingerprint terminal. When an employee punches in using their fingerprint a punch is recorded and sent to a software application running on a local computer server. These systems require maintenance and monitoring. But now, MinuteHound is leveraging the cloud to provide a much better experience using our highly reliable finger attendance system.

Organizations of every size can now benefit from our cloud-based finger attendance system. The MinuteHound system is simple to install and maintain. We offer the entire system in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, removing your software maintenance concerns. All a buyer needs to do is install our optical finger attendance fingerprint reader into the USB drive of a local PC or laptop with an Internet connection. System set up is fast and easy. Then, you’re working in the cloud.

Cloud computing is quickly becoming the standard for software. Customers are charged a simple monthly fee to access cloud-based software. The system provider takes care of maintaining the software with the latest updates and improvements. Often the monthly fee includes the use of any required services. Our finger attendance system takes advantage of the growth of cloud computing to offer an easy-to-use employee time clock solution.

One of the major benefits of our cloud-based finger attendance system is that a company owner or manager can access it from anywhere in the world through an Internet connection. This is a major benefit if a manager travels and needs to submit payroll from a distance. A manager can also remotely monitor the system to ensure that the finger attendance system and business is running smoothly.

Finger Attendance Offers The Latest Technology

Internet Based Time TrackingSmall business owners may not be very familiar with cloud-based software. But if you’ve ever purchased anything from iTunes, Amazon, or EBay you’ve used a cloud-based system. Cloud software is stored at a “server farm” run by companies that ensure high up-time, safety, and data security. Cloud software is highly reliable and gives you peace-of-mind that your employee punch data is stored safely off-site. If your finger attendance computer crashes your data is safely backed-up in the cloud.

Another benefit of our cloud-based finger attendance system is that the application that you’ll access through your Internet connection will always be the latest version. We monitor the software for you and ensure that everything is working the way it’s designed. The MinuteHound finger attendance system is the most modern way to collect employee time data.

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