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Biometrics Fingerprint Technology: Making Time Tracking Easier

The end-of-day scene is familiar to most of us by now: employees watch the clock until that magical hour is upon them, and then they all pile toward the time clock to punch out for the day. Until now, one of the only variables that could change this scene was the size of the company: the more employees there are, the more time it will take for everybody to clock out. With biometrics fingerprint technology, there’s now another variable: the time it takes to actually operate the time clock.

Biometrics fingerprint technology is changing the way employees clock in and out, and it’s improving the way companies in a variety of industries are tracking employee hours, vacation time, and breaks. If you’re not familiar with the applications of biometrics fingerprint techniques in the workplace, there’s never been a better time to familiarize yourself with the basics, and with the ways that it’s shaking things up across the country.

MinuteHound is proud to be one of the leaders in biometrics fingerprint technology. We’ve made a name for ourselves creating not just cutting-edge time clock hardware, but comprehensive and easy-to-use software. Our time clocks are easy to install and require virtually no learning curve.

Fast and Easy Biometrics Fingerprint Device: Simple Setup

That’s one of the principle beauties of biometrics fingerprint technology: it’s highly intuitive. All employees have to do to clock in or out is press their finger to the sensor, and the time clock does the rest. In times past, the process could take several seconds or even several minutes; companies relied on ID badges or long and complicated passwords, keeping everyone from their breaks or journeys home needlessly and creating congestion at the time clocks. This is all going to be a thing of the past with biometrics fingerprint technology.

Of course, the hardware is only one part of the picture. MinuteHound’s time tracking software does most of the heavy lifting, and for the most part it does it without your having to think about it. One of the biggest advantages is the software’s capability to track late arrivals and early departures: if employees deviate from their assigned shifts, the system generates alerts automatically.

Thumbprint Time Clock ReviewsThe process begins with the time clock – with cutting-edge biometrics fingerprint technology – and ends with a software suite that’s as unobtrusive as it is easy to use. It all adds up to a complete system that can become an integral part of your workplace.

MinuteHound’s biometrics fingerprint technology can revolutionize the way your company keeps records. Stop by our website today to read testimonials and learn more about how it works. If your company thrives on efficiency, you owe it to yourself to take your time tracking technology to the next level.

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