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Biometrics In Schools Today And Tomorrow

Attendance in schools has always been a concern of both parents and teachers. Improvements in attendance verification have allowed parents and teachers some ease of mind, but even with these great technological advances, there are still ways around the system and you should guarantee yourself that children know the ways around them. Gone are the days when you simply rely on the teacher to check names off a roll and send it to the head office. In this day and age you will require something much more accurate and informative to keep track of the hundreds or even thousands of students in your school. One emerging solution that seems to be the best answer is using biometrics in schools.

Biometrics in schools? That certainty sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it is far from a strange and obscure futuristic technology. This technology provided by MinuteHound will provide unprecedented efficiency in your schools attendance. For this technology to be implemented in a school, all that would have to be done is to buy the initial set-up components which consist of a fingerprint scanner. After that, the software is downloaded and students and employees are registered. No training necessary!

Now what exactly will this kind of technology do that will help out school systems? Well biometrics in schools is a superbly easy way to automate attendance verification. With this system, students will scan their fingerprint and then that student has their attendance verified and that information is sent to cloud data-base. It can be easily compiled and cross-referenced. With biometrics in schools, it opens up the doors to allow the system to make sure that students attend all their classes each day. It can be configured to see if a student was present in one class then was absent in another and then shows up again later in the day. It can then alert the administrator about this discrepancy. Biometrics in schools will be the end of skipping class.

Fantastic application for biometric systems in schools

Attendance Management SystemThe price is based off of the number of registered users and how many scanners are needed. Each scanner has a one time fee of $99.95 which is paid once, and never again. Biometrics in schools will be a foolproof system to help deal with students missing class and also double as a simple attendance verification process for the school system. There isn’t even training needed; it’s that simple!

Biometrics are the next big thing in the technology world and schools would be apt to use biometrics in schools simply because of the ease of use and the fact that the fee to install the system far outweighs the cost of cracking down on student attendance through more traditional means. This technology will make the fingerprint “signature” impossible to replicate and provide a sense of security for both parents and teachers.

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