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Biometrics in Schools- Safety and Reporting

Since most school systems obtain funding by students attendance and number of pupils, having perfect reports is essential. The old fashion way of roll call simply does not work. Many students are missed, overlooked, or friends try to sign them in. With biometrics in schools, this can’t happen. The teacher or substitute doesn’t even have to conduct roll call. When students arrive to class, all they have to do is place their finger on the scanner and then they are clocked-in. Same thing on their way out. Biometrics in schools takes out all the guessing games when it comes to children in school, high school students, and college students.

Biometrics in schools are not only the perfect and most useful form of attendance reporting, but also a key in school safety. When students clock-in to class, that time is transferred for real-time viewing by administrators. So if an incident occurs in the west wing of a school, or in a certain building, then an admin can log-in from anywhere and see who was in the location. Instantly, an admin can know who was located in that section and who was not. This also works to quickly check if a student is on campus or not. The only way for a student to record their time is to be physically present. Biometrics in schools have profound benefits.

Biometrics in Schools- Teachers and Staff

Innovation is MinuteHoundNot only do students need their attendance tracked, but so do teachers and staff. More than likely a full time teacher is on salary and their pay is already set. But when it comes to office staff, temp positions and substitute teachers, recording attendance and paying accordingly is vital. School budgets are usually tapped out, and this is where biometrics in schools help. Just like students, staff can also clock-in and clock-out. Their time is also recorded and branches can be setup to reflect the difference between staff and students.

This way administrators can check the time and attendance of not only students, but substitutes and office personnel. If at any point anyone needs help with the system, installation, the scanners, etc MinuteHound has a full team standing by to help out. Located right here in the United States, MinuteHound supports their clients around the clock. Biometrics in schools might sound difficult to install but its not. No technical experience is needed. Right now MinuteHound is in place in many private school and public universities. Try it out today risk free and see the benefits first hand.

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