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5 Ways You Can Save Money With MinuteHound

Manual timekeeping can cost the modern business anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 per year. Sources also estimate that more than 75 percent of companies lose money through dishonest or negligent time management practices, including falsified overtime, unapproved breaks and the practice known as “buddy punching.”

How can you stop this behavior within your own office? What can you do to combat payroll loss? Here are five benefits of using MinuteHound finger attendance for workplace timekeeping.

1: Prevent Errors
The biggest cause of payroll loss is simple human error. An employee might forget to punch back in after lunch; a supervisor may log the wrong numbers at the end of an exhausting day. MinuteHound will completely eradicate these mistakes through its cutting-edge finger attendance software that provides round-the-clock monitoring and coverage. If someone misses a check-in time, MinuteHound can send out text and email alerts to both the employee as well as the manager.

2: Stop Dishonesty
Do you find yourself suspicious of manipulated schedules? Is your budget straining under too many cases of unauthorized overtime? Your employees may not be as upstanding as they claimed on their resume. Stealing 5 – 10 minutes a day adds up really fast. These little exceptions can turn into big losses for the company, so use MinuteHound’s cloud technology to have instanst access to reports and employee activity. No one can lie to finger attendance tech!

3: Stop Buddy Punching
Even trustworthy employees can be coaxed or swindled into punching in for one of their workplace buddies. With the finger attendance of MinuteHound, however, each worker will be required to supply a fingerprint for biometric identification. This completely eliminates the dishonest sharing of timecards or verification codes. If someone isn’t at work, they can’t provide finger attendance, so they won’t receive credit for the time. It’s that simple.

4: Monitor For Problems
RFID Attendance System is Fingerprint TechnologyIn earlier, less technological years, tracking employees involved in-person surveillance. MinuteHound provides a much easier way of keeping an eye on your staff, using an automated finger attendance system that will send you texts, alerts and emails via remote monitoring. You can be anywhere in the world and still be connected to the office. As long as you have an Internet connection, you’re good to go.

5: Reduce Overhead
Think about your current timekeeping system. Think about things like the maintenance of the machines and the constant ordering of badges, lanyards and swipe cards. What other projects could you serve with all that money? What if you connected MinuteHound’s single scanner to your company computer and never had to worry about time management costs again? How much would you save in the long-term with finger attendance technology?

These are just five ways that MinuteHound’s finger attendance system can completely revolutionize the way you track employee attendance. For fewer mistakes, improved surveillance and a better workplace overall, look no further than the biometric ways of the future.

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