Can A Fingerprint Time Clock Really Stop Time Theft?

A Fingerprint Time Clock Is Effective Against Time Fraud

Time theft is an issue that affects nearly all companies, from small local businesses to huge corporations with over 10,000 employees. It is prudent that you do all that you can to minimize or eliminate the issue of time theft at your company, because time is money! One potential solution to this problem a fingerprint time clock system from MinuteHound.

What is Time Theft?

Time theft occurs when an employee is paid for time when they were not actually working. There are many different ways in which this can happen. Some different examples of ways in which time theft occurs at the workplace are as follows:

Extended Breaks
This occurs when an employee leaves early or comes back late from a break.

Personal Time
This type of time theft occurs when an employee does non-work-related activities while on the clock. Examples of this can be taking personal phone calls, browsing the internet or doing online shopping.

Buddy Punching
Buddy punching is a type of time theft where an employee has someone else clock in or out for them. This is normally done by extending their shift beyond the time they actually spent at the office. Alternatively, they may have a friend punch their card to make it appear as though they worked an entire shift when they never actually stepped foot in the office!

How Can a MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock Help to Stop Time Theft?

One of the biggest benefits of a fingerprint time clock is the total elimination of time theft via Buddy Punching. If an employee is required to clock in and out using a biometric such as their fingerprint, no one else can clock in or out for them!

Fingerprint Clock in SystemBy requiring employees to clock in using their fingerprint, it holds them accountable for their time with a concrete and accurate record of when the specific employee clocked in or out for the day. Knowing that clock in times are being tracked and cannot be modified makes it less likely that an employee will leave early or come in late from a break.

Not Only Does it Stop Fraud, It Makes Employee Happy!

By offering the employee the simplicity of clocking in and out with the swipe of their fingerprint, this makes it much less likely that an employee will make a mistake when clocking in or out for the day. Not having to navigate through a traditional digital clock in system means that an employee can clock in, in seconds, and get right to work!

By helping to minimize time theft at the workplace, a fingerprint time clock from MinuteHound is an excellent investment. By raising productivity and ensuring that employees are actually present for the work they are being paid for, profits will undoubtedly increase!

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