My Employees Buddy Punch. What Can I Do To Stop Them?

End the Buddy Punch Once and for All

Employees filling out time card info for other employees, sometimes called a buddy punch, can be harmful to company profits and employee honesty. Physical time cards can be altered to steal money and time from employers. When employees buddy punch, they damage the trust between employers and employees. With the MinuteHound time clock and attendance software, buddy punching and time theft can be eliminated. MinuteHound uses biometric scanners to securely and reliably take note of employee work hours. Instead of employee numbers that could be shared, MinuteHound uses employee fingerprints to clock in and out of work. The software that analyzes the fingerprints and keeps track of employee hours is cloud based, making reporting employee hours simple and possible with only an internet connection.

MinuteHound can even keep track of individual, specialized job position hours, even for those that have varying responsibilities. The MinuteHound software can even send an email or text message to employers if an employee is late or leaves work earlier than they should. Employee fingerprint data and time card data are transferred with 128-bit encryption, ensuring a high level of security and privacy. The software is plug-and-play, making it simple and quick to install anywhere. Additionally, if issues arise, MinuteHound provides round the clock support to ensure that problems are addressed and solved promptly.

End Time Theft. Stop All From Buddy Punching

For companies that employ remote workers, preventing a buddy punch can prove more difficult. MinuteHound also offers web based time tracking option without the biometric scanner. Employees can track their hours though any internet ready device with a username and password. Employers not only receive login and logout times, but also the employee IP address. This added layer of data stands in the way of the pervasive buddy punch and aims to ensure that employees are actively working where and when they should be.

Thanks to the cloud based software, there is no need for costly inventory or expensive time tracking measures. The MinuteHound software can prove to be an affordable and valuable asset to any business. The advanced biometric scanner employee time tracker can be as affordable as a few pennies a day. It is simple, reliable, intuitive, and a worthwhile tool for any business that looks to end the buddy punch once and for all.

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