How To Improve Office Efficiency with Time and Attendance Technology

Smooth Running with MinuteHound

MinuteHound has brought the future into offices with their time and attendance technology. Clocking in and out is easier than ever before. Managers across the country are embracing this new system because it saves companies time and money.

Office managers normally spend countless hours each month on payroll and accounts. MinuteHound has made the old fashioned way of adding up each time card a thing of the past. All the information can be accessed with a simple click of a button. MinuteHound has made this time and attendance system extremely user friendly. Email alerts are available based on the data that has been entered.

Payroll is one of the biggest expenditures for companies. The costs range from:

-Employee fraud
-Time theft
-Incorrect accounting

This can all be prevented by using the MinuteHound time and attendance system. MinuteHound uses time and attendance fingerprint recognition to eliminate time clock theft. Each employee has their fingerprint scanned. It is then turned into a fragmented encrypted 128-bit number that is stored in secure locations. The numbers are safe and it is impossible for them to be reverse engineered. This entire process provides employees with the security they need.

There is no training required for employees or management. It is a plug and go time and attendance system that only requires a program download along with employee enrollment. After the fingerprints are scanned it is ready to use.

How To Stop Time FraudMinuteHound is designed to use in real time. Companies can stay informed anytime of the day or night. They can make decisions based on the current information they receive. The time and attendance system can be used anywhere there is internet or even from a mobile phone. Staying connected keeps businesses running efficiently.

Time and Attendance Is Vital to Every Office

The fingerprint scanner is one of the most effective ways for employees to clock in and out. The speed at check in keeps the employee line moving. This time and attendance system gets people in and ready to work quicker than ever before. MinuteHound also offers an internet login option using a UN and PW. This option records the IP address and timestamp. Any size business will see positive results. It is a proactive way to make sure that the day to day running of the company is done as efficiently as possible. MinuteHound is the solution to time and attendance issues.

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time and Attendance.

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