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Time and Attendance Card Punch Machine

How much time do you spend keeping track of your employees? The answer to that question should be “very little”. But if you are burdened with an old card punch machine then you spend too much time tracking employees and their hours. Not only are you wasting too much of your time, by sticking with the old card punch machine, you are missing out on all of the advantages of biometrics and cloud-based employee management. While the old punch card machine was fine for the 19th and 20th century, a new biometric card punch machine can truly liberate you and your employees, by offering numerous features that no company today should be without.

MinuteHound’s Simple Solutions
For starters, our new card punch machine, utilizes the latest biometric (fingerprint reading) technology for an accurate clock-in and clock-out. Just by switching from an outdated method, to a biometric card punch machine, you can instantly eliminate employees clocking each other in and getting paid for hours they never worked. “Buddy clocking” is more common that you think. Also known as “time theft”, this offense can either hold back a business, or be the responsible for the downfall. Yet correcting the problem is easy and affordable with MinuteHound.

Web Based, Encryption Protected
The additional benefits to replacing the old, faulty methods with a new fool-proof biometric card punch machine are numerous. More than just a fingerprint reader, the new method of tracking employees is a web-based cloud computing solution that can be accessed from any computer. Whether you are on the road, or even need to manage or make changes to time cards from home, the ability to manage employees times is no longer limited to the workplace. And with 128 bit encryption you can rest assured that all of your employees’ personal information is kept safe.

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a text message or email if an employee leaves early, or forgets to clock-in? Perhaps there are certain employees whose hours need to be watched to make sure they do not go into overtime hours. MinuteHound has your needs covered. Another reason to ditch the old card punch machine.

Easy to Use
Green and Paperless Card Punch MachineMinuteHound’s system is designed with you in mind. At a cost of just pennies a day, the software was created so that everyone can use it with no training required. It is plug and play. This allows you to focus on the details of your business that justify time and effort. MinuteHound is not just about saving you from stolen or missed time. We are also serious about not taking any time from you.

Should you find yourself in need of support, Minutehound has support staff available to you at any time. While other biometric card punch machine companies can only sell you the machine, MinuteHound covers all aspects of your employee time-tracking needs.

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