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Not Your Standard Time Card Punching Machine

Are you still using that old time card punching machine? Are your employees still stopping by HR saying “I forgot to punch in”? If the thunk-thunk of a that old time card isn’t music to your ears it may be time for a change.

The New Time Card Punching Machine
Could you use an improvement in your bottom line? MinuetHound could be saving you up to 8% on your payroll costs. MinuteHound offers businesses a revolutionary money saving solution that incorporates modern technology to simplify your labor tacking system.

Your Time Clock Is Costing You Money
If you’re still using an old time card punching machine, you could be sending thousands of dollars in misreported labor costs out the door.

MinuteHound is the tool your HR and Payroll departments have been looking for. With our patented biometric time and attendance system, employees clock-in and out with just the touch of their finger. MinuteHound is replacing the old time punching machines with your employee’s unique fingerprint.

Eliminate Lost Revenue With a BioMetric Time Card
Our biometric time tracking system saves you money by eliminating:
• Buddy punching
• Time card errors
• Time card manipulation
• Unapproved overtime

Some companies using older time punching machines report losses of as much as 5% of payroll just to buddy punching. With MinuteHound, your employee’s finger is their time card. MinuteHound completely eliminates loss due to buddy punching.

Unapproved overtime can add up for companies using an older time card punching machine. For the individual it may seem like only a few minutes. For the company, these extra minutes add up over time to a lot of money. MinuteHound’s biometric time system eliminates this cost from your payroll.

Unlike a standard time card punching machine, with MinuteHound you don’t have to wait until the end of the day to check times or look over staffing levels. Our system allows you to login from anywhere and see who is working and who is not in real time. You can also instantly make staffing changes based on the current demands of the company.

Paperless Time Card Punching MachineWhen you replace your time card punching machine with a MinuteHound biometric system you can react in real time to the needs of your company. You can stop wasting money by having employees hanging around waiting to see if there is something to do.

MinuteHound Is Easy to Use
You don’t need to be an IT professional to set up and start using MinuteHound’s time card punching machine replacement system. Our time clock software quickly and easily installs on any PC and works in the background to monitor your employees in real time.

We know your current system is likely already paid for and not costing you any money to use and maintain. We also know that using your old time card punching machine could be costing you thousands in lost revenue.

Imagine paying only $1.00 per month per employee and $5.00 per company location. MinuteHound is a monthly service your company uses for as long as you want. The only equipment costs are for the biometric scanner itself. For a one-time fee of $99.95 per scanner you could be saving money right away by switching from your old time card punching machine.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
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MinuteHound Biometric Punch Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time Card Punching Machine.

We are confident in our business. Be just as confident in yours.
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