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Reducing Costs with a Finger Punching Attendance Machine

The latest finger punching attendance machine from MinuteHound is an easy way for business owners to address payroll abuse. The technology behind the device relies on the unique fingerprint pattern that each individual has. As such, the finger punching attendance machine reduces fraud and helps owners save money. Designed to cut many of the common cost overruns that occur in the workplace, owners and their managers can create simple operations. With this system, managers can also benefit from regular alerts when a worker misses a shift.

Using finger prints, employers can eliminate the most common forms to time clock abuse in the workplace. The system is designed to respond to the prints of each worker, so there is no way that one employee can punch in for another. This helps to reduce the costs that occur with buddy punching and other common types of workplace theft.

Cloud-Based Finger Punching Attendance Machine
Because the MinuteHound system is designed for efficient workplaces, it lets managers access the data from any location. This makes it an ideal choice for companies that have employees at many locations. With regular alerts, the finger punching attendance machine also provides information that can ensure productivity at all times. When an employee is late for or misses a shift, the system sends a text message to a manager or any designated party. This feature ensures that managers are always aware of the staff activity back at the workplace, no matter where they happen to be located.

The Safe Finger Punching Attendance Machine
Made to keep sensitive data safe at all times, the MinuteHound finger punching attendance machine uses the latest technology for security. This feature reduces the chances that information is accessed by unauthorized parties. In addition, the security features ensure that workers are paid for the actual number of hours that are worked. Managers can also access past data for any terminated employee if they ever need it.

Plug and Play PunchClockMade for easy use, the new finger punching attendance machine from MinuteHound takes minimal time to install. It also has a user-friendly design that makes daily work as easy as possible. The software and other components are fully backed by the company’s commitment to quality products, and there is little in the way of a learning curve. This helps reduce the costs of installation.

Full-Time Support
The finger punching attendance machine has full support to make sure that work is as efficient as possible. Techs are available around the clock, and they can make sure that any questions or concerns are quickly answered. MinuteHound’s finger punching attendance machine is entirely risk free, and consumers have no obligations when they decide to test the technology for themselves.

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